New York Times’ Take On Advanced Style

My good friend Tziporah Salamon just sent me this great photo taken from The New York Times’ T Magazine. Some of Advanced Style’s favorite ladies including Tziporah and Iris Apfel were recently featured in an article entitled “Garb Fest” by Lynn Yaeger. Yaeger gathered these fine and fancy ladies for a tea party, where the women discussed their unique takes on personal and the responsibility of keeping up appearances. Check out the article HERE .
  • A tea party – of course! Can't wait to read the article.

  • Love the all!!!

  • Love this.

    I head the fashion department at the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville and make it a point to show your blog to my new students. I love to introduce them to elderly fashion consumption and personal expression to emphasize the point that fashion is universal- age is irrelevant. Thanks for your contribution to my curriculum!

  • Oh wow – fantastic! I'm off to read all about them.

  • What a joy to read the article! and these ladies are extraordinary.

  • Anna

    I absolutely LOVE Lynn Yaeger!(In the center of photo). In my world, Lynn would be followed by paparazzi each day to record what she is wearing. I adore her style.

  • Where oh where has your blog been all my life!?

    I saw Iris and Lynn once at the manhattan vintage fair within 10 minutes of each other and nearly had cardiac arrest. I'm now complete.

  • lynn yaeger is my idol!! xx

  • This blog inspires me to create my own "formal/evening look" rather than rely on the God awful matronly stuff most stores sell.