Summer Sparkle

I met Lynn Dell’s hairdresser on the way to visit her at Off Broadway Boutique. I couldn’t take my eyes off her wonderful, handmade scarf and dazzling jewelry. Stop by the store to find some of her beautiful pieces.

  • Suella

    Nicely co-ordinated colors. It would be nice to see more of this lady. She looks as though she has a great sense of humor and an interesting take on life, Hairdressers see and hear a lot, which I think makes them very insightful.

  • You can't know how seeing pics and hearing about these wonderful people has helped me. I turned 65 with no idea about how to be anymore. Thanks to you it's turning out to be more fun than I ever imagined.

  • I love the headwear combined with the dazzling jewelry. Stunner!

  • kel

    Gorgeous head scarf. She is so elegant and bright, so much charm and personality.

  • LOVE her colors and style! And the lipstick! Yes, would love to see more of her…

  • Anonymous

    She has beautiful skin. Perfect colour complements. Love the vivid red lipstick. MOre pictures of her please. SMC

  • Fabulous!!!