Barney’s Fashion’s Night Out: Advanced Style

The other night Debra and I went to Barney’s Fashion’s Night to see Maayan co host a game of musical chairs. I was delighted to see so many older ladies and gentleman in the crowd of fashion spectators. I spotted two spectacular gals from afar and couldn’t resist taking their photo with Debra. All three women treat style as a form of art and much of what they wear is either thrifted, gifted, or handmade. Marjorie Nezin, in black, is a designer who makes wearable art and Debra made her hat and jewelry out of banana fiber. These three visual artists show us that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes to look good, you just have to put a little thought into it!
  • sandra

    ooohhh Debra makes my heart sing…and I've learned from her that "price" is not the issue, but your "creativity" is. Now to apply the principles and find myself.

  • YES Sandra
    Continue to play and try different things. BE COURAGEOUS…sometimes people may laugh…so what! What is healthier and more healing than laughter!

  • God this blog sets my heart on fire. Love, love, love.


  • evalyn

    This level of personal creativity takes no small amount of courage. And why shouldn't we be brave at this age??

    I too, love this blog!

  • Suella

    I'm intrigued by what looks like a wooden (?) mask used as a front to a handbag.

    Now is the time to look for unusual halloween masks to make something really distinctive. Even the cheap rubber masks would be durable enough to make an unusual fashion purse.

    I'm afraid I am now looking at almost everything as either jewelery or as art to wear. Oh my…

  • hi, just discovered your blog, love it:)

  • totally awesome!

  • All three women look incredible, but I am especially loving Marjorie's jacket. It looks like it was made from different fabrics woven together in strips like a basket; I've never see anything like it! I bet those women are having fun at fashion week showing off their inexpensive but astonishingly creative outfits!

  • I am thinking "gifted, thrifted or shifted". This plays up the two meanings of "shift"; either to "shift for oneself" or "to repurpose". Also, it rhymes. But, whatever you call it, it is divine!
    PS-Please forgive the linguist in me.

  • Les Tripplets from Belleville!

  • mae

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