A Gentleman’s View On Style

This man was sitting by the tents in Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. I asked him what he thought about fashion and if living in New York influenced him to dress up. He told me that in the morning he puts on whatever is lying around, but walking everywhere and riding the bus forces him to see a lot of inspiring things that inevitably influence him. Many of the older men I talk to tell me that they dress up , not necessarily to be fashionable, but because it is what they have done for years. They come from a time where men wore hats and suits to ride the subway. These traditions have remained and been adapted for today. For these stylish gentleman, dressing up is a reflection of character and pride in their appearance. I hope to one day be as be as dapper as these fellows.

  • I could not agree with this article more. In the 40's through the 50's and part of the 60's people dressed well. I remember my mother putting on a special hat and gloves to go to the grocery store. It was a time of elegance, wehn people took pride in how they looked, and how they presented themselves to the world. How I miss those days. Now, sloppy, torn, wrinkled seems to the be the order of the day. What a sad reflection on the realities present in our Western culture (or, lack of culture).

    – David

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  • Mim

    Elegant gent!

  • I like that he's nonchalant about style, but is influenced by the city around him. Definitely a great personal look.

  • This reminds me of a man I met once in a care home. He had been in the army when he was young and now, in his 80s, had advanced dementia. He was unable to read, write, talk, feed himself, dress himself. His wife came in every day to make sure he was dressed in a shirt and tie, because she knew that's what he would have wanted.

  • spoken like a true stylish gentleman..not to mention, true gentlemen wear sweater vests over a proper a button down. -b