Ilona in Provincetown

I’m finally back in New York after a summer of traveling and fun. This weekend I had the chance to visit the fantastic Ilona Royce Smithkin in Provincetown, where she spends the summer. I got some great shots of Ilona on her balcony overlooking the water. At 90 years old, Ilona is an inspiration to all. She is a fearless lover of life and a great artist and performer. I hope to have as much energy and creativity when I am her age! Do you have any older people in your life that inspire you? If so, email me their stories along with some photos to, and the might just appear on Advanced Style.
  • i love your blog and this pic i u have reali captured this womans spirit

  • What an absolutely splendid photograph ! She's beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    ari, your photographs are getting better&better

  • I just love her! I hope I am like this at 90…
    Have a great week,

  • Seeing Ilona makes me so happy inside! Love her bright colors; you go girl!

  • Anonymous

    She is incredibly inspiring AND beautiful !!!!!

  • Ilona + P-Town = Heavenly!
    Ari, this MADE my day. She is a "fearless lover of life" indeed. I still carry her words in my head, a sort of mantra to help me make the most of every moment: "Don't buy green bananas!"

    Love to her, and you!

  • 90?! Go Ilona!

  • What a marvellous blog! I'll have to persuade my 88 year old mom to pucker up for the camera.


    I LOVE your blog. I am 70 years of age and all about style. I do not have a home computer at this time but if and when I do I want to be part of your Advanced Style and send you pics.

    I work for an independent research consulting firm in Portland, Oregon and study classical ballet 6 days a week for my chosen form of exercise. In my spare time I have fun creating fantastic looks for myself.

    You are the BEST for creating this blog!!!!!

  • May we all wear such bold colors in our ninth decade!

  • woahhhh super colorfull, you'll love my newest post!

    kisses from the philippiness!!!!