Lady In Red

This lady looks marvelous in her matching coat and skirt. Red is one of the season’s hottest colors and the perfect way to make a splash in any situation.

  • Marvelous indeed!

  • She looks great. Red is my favorite color so i am happy to hear it is on this season!


  • I love it!

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  • Sue

    I love red, and this one is a real eye-popper! Her glasses make a statement, too.

  • She reminds me of my grandmother, who at 92, was still wearing Ferragamo shoes and Jones New York red suits. This woman is so vibrant and red is the perfect color for her!

  • Love red and love the look!

  • LOVE the colour, LOVE LOVE LOVE te glasses!

  • In loooooooove with this. Really. The glasses are awesome – very 70s, but in a fabulou way. And that red – it's so nice to see a bright punch of color!

  • Now who doesnt like a lady in red?
    I think as some folks age their sense of style stands out in a subtle way. kinda makes me wanna go out on a hip hop killing spree.

    great work you got here.

  • Angie Dickinson!!

  • Looks great in red so wonderful and adorable.
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