New York Fashion Week: Advanced Style

The Advanced Style set continues to delight spectators during New York Fashion Week with original and inspiring outfits. I have seen this fellow around town a few times, always dressed to the nines. He stood out against the fashion show crowds primarily dressed black, and proved that style can be fun at any age!

  • Raine

    That's one SNAZZY outfit! I LOVE IT!!!

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  • Wow. He looks wonderful. I love that older people like me are allowed to be individualists.

  • You are so right. He is wonderful. Xxxx

  • Its so cool, I like it and the colour is adorable! ;P

    Greetings from

  • rye

    I just heard you on CBC Radio. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and stories. Love what you are doing.

  • Suella

    Great boots, and great outfit!

  • Mim


  • That is one fabulous zoot suit! I love how he styled it with all of those pins. And the color is incredible!

  • straight classic, i love it!

  • If I met him wearing that outfit, I would ask him to marry me right there, because I'd know that I just met my style match, and it doesn't get any better than that. That is THE BEST SUIT EVER! And I don't even have words for the shoes..

  • Anonymous

    Such inventive use of color, texture and coordination — he is one dapper gentleman!

  • Fantastic. Now THAT is a man who knows how to dress!

  • Those are some Kick. A$$. Shoes.

  • Oh dear, I hope I'm not banned for my last comment… No intent to offend–it was the highest compliment!

  • Love the outfit, love the blog! I started my blog three days ago, and I hope one day my blog ( will become as inspirational and popular as yours! Keep doing what you're doing. x

  • What a lovely man; I would love to see more photos, maybe an interview with him. Thank you Ari and friends!

  • I am curious to know if you take the looks or are used in everyday models? The looks are very creative. Congratulations

  • This gentleman just gave new meaning to the phrase, "SUPER FLY". 🙂 Love those kicks…