Off Broadway Style

Maayan and I met the beautiful Marcia Sarkin at Off Broadway Boutique today. She dresses with such elegance and originality.I can’t wait to hear Maayan’s interview with her in the weeks to come.

  • Pure glamour!

  • fabulous!

  • Beautiful dress, the colours look amazing. Like the turban too.

  • Esmeemse

    What a beautiful woman! I love her style.

  • Elenant and beautiful!!

  • debra

    Truly elegant…
    the garment and her lucious presentation…she is perfect for this graceful look!

  • note to self: try your latest scarf find as a turban.

  • интерсено смотрится))

  • Exactly how I want to dress NOW!

  • ooolala, the turban and caftan combo is glamorous beyond belief!

  • karenza t. wall

    i love all you beautiful, georgeous, talented women. completely, utterly, thoroughly love each of you.

    so, i am a short 5 ft 3 inch fat, 190 lbs, 66 cycles completed, woman, love clothes, even as little girl. find myself wearing rather nondescript styles and colours.

    fat has been my figure for about 14 years, before meds i was 120 to 135 lbs. all my life.

    i want to be glamourous again, but am afraid of appearing ridiculous. help glamour divas. do you have any ideas?

    i love colour.
    your fan, karenza
    PS – and thank you to the wonderful young man blogger. you are awesome.