The OGS(Original Grandparents)

I found the most charming and amazing website today. The OGS (Original Grandparents) is a site full of stories and wisdom from Harry and Barbara Cooper, a couple married for 73 years.The Coopers’ grandchildren share these stories through videos and stories posted on their blog. They write, “Barbara and Harry are a nice Jewish couple, married for 73 years, who’ve moved back to the old neighborhood, to L.A.’s first retirement community, Hollenbeck Palms. Of course, Boyle Heights has changed a bit since Barbara dubbed it “a Jewish Tijuana,” circa 1930! Barbara is a social butterfly and problem solver, Harry is a self-taught Zen master with a yen for science and exploration. We’ve enjoyed the wit, wisdom and weirdness of our grandparents for our whole lives, and think it’s high time the rest of the world got a chance. The OGs blog promises all Barbara and Harry, all the time. Tune in for a daily dose. (OGs stands for Original Grandparents.)

I feel very close to these two, as they remind me of my own grandparents Bluma and Jacob who were always so full of life and love. Bluma always laughed at Jacob’s jokes and Jacob would never leave the room without giving his beautiful wife a big kiss. As they got older they became separated because they could no longer take care of themselves. My mom and I would bring Bluma to see Jacob in his nursing home and they would hold hands and smile at one another for hours. Barbara and Harry are so lucky to have found a place where they can live together and get the care that they need. Read about their move into a new retirement community HERE .

Their spirit and and the spirit of my grandparents reminded of a saying from one of Fanny Karsts dresses,”Let’s Begin At the end.” Growing older can bring new beginnings. Lets share the stories and wisdom of our elders and keep their spirit alive. If you have any great clips of your own very special grandparents and can upload them to YouTube, I’d love to share a few here. Email me links to !

  • What an amazing couple! I think I've found a new favorite blog–that is, after AS, of course 😉

  • Wonderful, so wonderful…

  • I have just arrived here but I can see that this blog is a beautiful project, congratulations! I will take a lot at every post carefully.

    I always meet amazing ladies on Barcelona streets, it's soooo inspiring!

    keep up!

  • fep

    thankyou for sharing, sounds liek you had some pretty cool grandparents

  • I LOVE it! A young grandparent now, I feel fashion (in good taste) never goes out of fashion!

    – David

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  • Wow…I need air for breath. Amazing your blog.

  • I have to admit, I'm always a bit jealous of anyone who had a relationship with their grandparents. Grammie & Grandpa Russell lived in New Hampshire and when I was young Grammie got a brain tumor that they said started as skin cancer. Grandpa developed Alzheimers. My most vivid memory – well, my dad had a brother, Dana, who died in a bike riding accident when he was 13. (I believe a car hit him.) I was ten and my hair recently cut short – up until then it had been down to my butt. Grandpa took one look at me and called me Dana. I cried so hard because Grandpa Russell thought his granddaughter was his dead son.

    As for mom's side – well, Grandpa Pavlick died in 1971 because he was a smoker. I wasn't born until 1976. I don't even have a picture of him. He's just a big blank.

    Grandma Pavlick lived in Illinois but spent the worse part of the winter out here in California. At the time I hated it because I always had to give up my bedroom for her. Three whole months sleeping on a spare bed in my parent's room.

    But I do have a lot of good memories of her. If she was alive you'd so have a ton of pictures of her! Grandma was a very stylish woman. She never went outside without makeup and jewelery. I remember watching her apply her rouge. In fact, I remember how we'd go out to buy her rouge – back when Woolworth's was still in business.

    We'd go in and have to look through this big bin of little black tins. I believe the brand was called La Petite and it had three gold flowers on the lid. Grandma had dark hair and dark eyes so she always got a dark red. (She'd let me have the nearly empty tins but as I'm so fair I looked like a clown no matter how much I rubbed it in.)

    Every now and again I try to find if that rouge still exists. I'd have to get it in my shade, but I'd probably use it all the time if I could find it.

    I have to say – I wouldn't trade my parents for the world, but I sure wish I at least had a picture of Grandpa Pavlick.

    So those of you who have/had a chance to know your grandparents, you're so blessed.