Ralph Lauren Pink Pony: 100 Bloggers Unite Against Cancer Campaign

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I am so honored to participate in the Ralph Lauren 100 Bloggers Unite Against Cancer
Campaign. The Pink Pony campaign is a global effort that has been dedicated to the fight against breast for over 20 years. Now extending to other forms of cancer, the mission of Pink Pony is to address the need of the medically underserved by bringingquality cancer care, access to cancer care, and earlydetection for those who need it most.

Join Polo Ralph Lauren’s worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer during
the month of October and celebrate 10 years of the Pink Pony campaign by texting
PINKPONY to 501501 to automatically donate $10.

Check out the link below to see the other bloggers included in the campaign, including our friends Refinery29 and Tavi The Style Rookie.

http://www.stylelist.com/2010/09/30/ralph-lauren-enlists-100-bloggers-to-model-for-pink-ponys-10th/ .

Click on this link
www.charitybuzz.com/RalphLauren for charity auction information.

  • Ha! This is the third of my usual blog reads to be featured in this campaign. You are supporting a good cause.

  • Thank you for your contribution to this cause. I started my blog in response to my husband's cancer and our journey to make peace with this now chronic disease that "attempts" to take over every aspect of our lives. My hope is that soon all will be released from cancer's grasp!

  • Suella

    Well done to be selected as one of the 100 bloggers!

    A great campaign and a very worthwhile cause.

    And you looks very handsome in your creatively worn polo shirt.

    Starting and developing your blog has certainly been the right path for you. Impressive!

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Love the photo, Ari. Glad you are being honored as a participant andalso an "honored" blogger.
    YES YES and YES for all that you are putting out there in the world…. THE MAGIC OF MATURITY!

  • Anonymous

    Ralph Lauren Pink Pony: 100 Bloggers Unite Against Cancer Campaign

    I love pink pony

    pink pony

  • Anonymous

    WHAT a FABULOUS jacket!

    (Just discovered your blog today via 60 going on 16…)