The Right To Wear Bright Colors

[Photos and text Ari Seth Cohen]

While I was in London this summer,Fanny Karst creator of the brilliant Old Ladies Rebellion recommended that I meet Bridget Sojourner. At 72, Bridget is full of life and energy. She gets stopped all over the world for her fun and fashionable attire and she revealed, ” As a young girl no one stopped me. I was quite like a lot of young girls. Now I’m unusual because I’m older.

Bridget had a long career as a health educator, but has always been interested in fashion. As a young girl she copied folios from Balenciaga and Schiaparelli and dreamed of being a designer, nun and actress. She fused these passions together as an educator, interested in peace and development. Her colorful wardrobe is almost a political statement. She says, ” When people started stopping me about my clothes I thought, I’ve been through feminism, racism, all the prejudices. I’m an activist and Ageism is the last bastion.” She thought about how to fight ageism and the idea that older people have to vanish in society by becoming a model in her 70s.

Many people believe that older people should act and dress a certain way. That they should step back and quiet their voices. Many people don’t pay attention to older people at all. It is my belief that creativity, style, and spirit advance with age. We can learn so much from our elders. I salute Bridget for her creativity, vitality and will to change ideas and challenge stereotypes.

Dressing age appropriate.[Photo By Richard Riddick]
  • Such a great post – she looks amazing! I hope I arrive at 72 with such panache. Love your blog, it is a continous source of inspiration.

  • Mim

    I'm with Fanny! Flaunt those colors.

  • absolutely a wonderful inspiration. thank you as always.

  • Oh My God – she's beautiful My list of role models just keeps getting longer because of this web site. Good for you, good for her and good for me!

    Thank you.

  • Nice! I totally agree.

  • I am so bookmarking this post <3<3

  • You are very courageous! I like the red and orange and pink!

  • You are very courageous! I like the red and orange and pink!

  • sandra

    Boy…I think she looks fabulous. I lover her physique and her style.

  • Anonymous

    As a nail polish enthusiast, I can't help but noticing those fabulous green nails! Thumbs up!

  • The energy her outward appearance exudes is awesome. Quiet your voice the older you get?! she's right – No way – the wiser and more experienced, the more there is to share and express!

  • Hooray for this woman. I especially love the orange/pink/yellow number.

  • Radiantly beautiful! I am very grateful for your site!

  • wow, great blog! i love oldsters, specially stylish ones. Hyped!

  • Suella

    Loverly! Wonderful pure white hair. Terrific posture and bearing. Lucky woman…

    Colour is so easy to do and cheers both the wearer and the viewer up wonderfully. Money isn't necessary, but a sense of style is.

    And the confidence to wear something that will be ey-catching.

    I'm inspired!

  • Maybe if i start now, I'll be just as colorful by 72. I love the third photo!

  • I can't believe that's a 72-year-old body! Her spine is as straight as a very young woman's. I wonder what kind of activity she has done throughout her life.

    Her color aesthetic is radiant!

  • An inspiration! There's nothing I hate more than the term "age appropriate"…grrr!

  • I just love it!
    Very inspiring and BOLD!
    Orange is the new Black, for sure.

  • Tash



    still rockin' the docs!!!

    hells yes

  • Distant Travellers Fashion loves this lady – we must all Dare to be Different – it is the best time of our lives when we stop conforming to what "they" say we must wear

  • Anonymous

    Our friend is looking fit, energetic and elegant. Comfortable, too. A role model for all of us at any age!

  • She is awesome.

  • wow she have classe!
    i love her style!

  • Anonymous

    OMG.. that's my mother :O

  • She's very amazing ! I admire !

  • I hope I share her beliefs when I'll turn 72.

  • Wow, she is just fabulous! I can't believe I am only learning about your blog today. I found you thru Pinterest. Someone had pinned a photo Bridget 😉

    Love love your blog and kudos to you! What an inspiration. Thank you! I only knew my grandmother on my mother's side but she rocked it into to her advanced years. Always looking stylish 🙂 I always thought to myself I want to be like her when I get older but know I have tons of fabulous women to look up to!

  • Fab-u-lous!!!