A Summer Dress

Summer is definitely sticking around a little bit longer in New York and this lady is dressed perfectly for a hot day in the city. She is from Russia and her beautiful dress is from Mexico. What do you guys think the perfect Summer outfit is?

  • I think a lightweight dress is really the best choice.
    I love her dress and the way she styled it, with the belt! It has a 1920s feel to it.

  • I was just telling my friend that I hardly ever see fashion for older men & women. It surprises me that most fashion is geared toward the younger ages. The over 55 population has got to be a pretty large market.

    BTW, good find! This dress is gorgeous!

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  • evalyn

    Perfect hot weather wear: open shoes, light weight loose fitting dress in a saucy color. Much like this woman has done, and I would add sunglasses and/or hat.

  • I like to wear a shift style dress in the summer. It's nice and cool.
    I also enjoy a trapeze style too!
    The lady above looks so pretty in her lovely dress. Her eyes are so blue. Very Pretty.

  • Hi, would it be ok if I feature some of these pics on my blog, sharing my love for your blog?

    <3 Anika

  • Not only love the dress, I eed one inmediately if not sooner.Sooooooooo cool!!!

  • Love her! Your blog is such a delight and so inspirational…

  • Well, this is just fantastic. She looks amazing.

  • She looks great! Love the belt, necklace and comfy but chic shoes. That style of dress can be so figure-swallowing but she totally made it work.

  • Anonymous

    She looks brilliant! Normally I am not into florals and the more feminine styles, but she carries it off so well,and the accessories – the shoes,the necklace – are just right.She actually makes it seem minimalist!I live in a tropical climate and I tend towards loose tunics,baggy cotton pants,but in basic colours,tan,olive,white,and can even do black in the right fabric.I like to dress it up then with very interesting jewellery – no little gold chains for me!

  • It could be . . . THIS one!
    Cool loveliness!

  • Katz

    This is one good looking lady!

    Since I started reading your blog, I've also started to compliment my elders on their outfits, I wish I started doing that years ago. You are so inspirational, and I no longer fear growing old, if it means I can be as stylish as the people featured in your blog.

    Don't ever stop! Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  • She looks ready for a "Fiesta!" I love the colors and her sweet smile.

  • I think she is lovely and her dress is super cool. I hope I will be as happening as she is when I am her age. Lovely pic and pick. CArla

  • oh wowsie that dress is beautiful. as is she!

  • I like her dress and your blog.

  • The Blue Faerie said…
    "I hardly ever see fashion for older men & women. It surprises me that most fashion is geared toward the younger ages. The over 55 population has got to be a pretty large market."

    It's true. And what's even more amazing is that if you download the mediakits from GQ and Esquire you can see that their demographics are pretty old, especially Esquire. Half their readership is in their 40's or older but their models are all in their 20's. I'm in my 50's, tall, slim, pretty athletic and I have all my hair. I'd look ridiculous trying to look like I was in my 20's, but I don't want to look like an extra on Mad Men, either! I want to look good and stylish, not just "ok" but I don't know where to go for advice.

  • SLN