Two For Fashion Features Advanced Style

I’m usually the guy behind the camera, but Debra and I had a great time being filmed for German blog Two For Fashion. We walked around, shopped at our favorite thrift stores and stopped by Marc by Marc Jacobs to see Lexie one of our favorite stylish gals.

  • I have been an admirer from afar and I love this look 'behind the camera'. A thousand thanks, Mr. Cohen, for all that you do. Not just anyone could capture the optimism that you have in your blog.

  • Ari, it's so nice seeing you interviewed for a change. Debra, you are as stylish and articulate as always. Great video, congratulations!

  • Liz

    Ari …….. OMG, your attitude is divine!

  • Fantastic! Great to hear from Ari and the always fabulous Debra!

  • That interview with you and Debra says it all… Advanced Style is where it's at!

  • I am terribly disapointed to see the creator of a marvelous style site looking very unlike a creator of a style site. Even if you have a camera in front of you, we can see you, you know.

  • ari

    Hi Baroness,
    I am sorry to disappoint you. It was a very hot summer day in New York and I had to run around taking photos all day. I love dressing up and am inspired by these folks everyday!

    Ari Seth Cohen

  • Actually Ari, your Cutler & Gross glasses look darn stylish to me! I wanted those but they were too large. Love you guys!

  • Hi,

    just watched what German TV recorded with you. Fabulous idea, your're an inspiration to so many people! Keep up your great work!

    Best regards,

  • SO you can see why I have so much fun working with ARI…we stimulate each other. What a day, it was one of the HOTTEST ones this summer…and there were a lot of HOT ones.

  • Despite the heat (And I recall THAT was one, hot day!)you guys manage to look tres, tres cool. A joyful trio!

    Ari, your gift for creating style is always evident – here it highlights itself with a twist of elegant fringe on your shoes.

    Well done. 🙂


  • Just a little fan message: I love this blog and I'm a huge fan of Debra's. You're my style idol for when I 'grow up'! 🙂

  • i thoroughly enjoyed that video. i'm such a fan of what you do, and a big fan of debra! i'm not at an "advanced style" age yet, but i'm very inspired by what i see on your blog…and not too worried about growing old(er), especially seeing how fun and stylish your subjects are.

  • Suella

    From Seattle? My home town, where I grew up and went to UW. Great place.

    I knew there was something special about why I love your site.

    Cheers from England!

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