Advanced Style for AARP

I just completed the first in a series of articles I am doing for AARP. It would be amazing if you guys could check out the article and let me know what you think. My photos with accompanying text can be found here : .

  • great article! and lovely models.

  • I agree…lovely models! happy weekend

  • lovely model, but .. as a 62 years old, now american but born french, i have an advice : take off the red fron the lips – it is too much red – and try a nice mellow pink.
    I like the hat also

  • I'll be sure to check this out. Will it be in the print version of the mag as well?

  • Janice

    beautiful photos and style. I liked the way they captured the spirit, spunk and "essence" of each of the people. I liked how the model's individuality (which appeared to have been their "masterpiece' in the making over the years, shedding their conformity in trade for their claim to "ME") smacked true. Inspiring, encouraging, lovely. The hats were a WOW thing: fun, bold, daring (Today's folks are afraid of hats.)

    Thank you

  • Wonderful to see you in AARP! I exhibit at the big expo every year (2011 is in Los Angeles, where I live). It would be fabulous if you could be a speaker at the meeting,especially if you could bring some of your "models" with you. You would be a big hit at the "Lifestyle Sessions"! Think about it, won't you?

  • wow, so right kniw.
    It really is not about Jessica Simpson, or Snooki, it is about real style and women who understand themselves.

  • Vonnie

    Beautiful photos. I bet those people were a lot of fun to work with. Hats off to you. 🙂

  • I have to confess, I am an AARP member, get the mag., etc. and I am so glad to see some fashion in it! Even better that you are doing it Ari! It looks great, but I also agree with Lise2cc on the red lipstick, but I think the model likes it.

  • Congratulations on the AARP gig! Great article and pictures.