All Plaid

I have recently been wearing a lot of plaid and this gentleman inspires me to take my favor of plaid to the next level. I saw him the day after taking his photo wearing all red Christmas plaid. He has a great sense of personal style full of character and commitment.

  • It takes some courage to wear all plaid.

  • OMG! so fashion the guy!! love love

  • great photo! woah, all that plaid.

  • I now need to find a plaid suit…

  • He will always stand out in a crowd, and never be mistaken for anyone but himself!

  • мне очень нравится!))

  • Isn't he Martha Stuart's collecting guy? He looks familiar.

  • It's Zeze! Best florist in Manhattan.

  • Well done—but it wouldn't work without the beard to keep the plaid from dominating too much.

  • Anonymous

    That's Fritz who works for Martha Stewart Living!!

  • Hi dear 🙂

    LOVEEEE the pics… the blog <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  • Anonymous

    Fritz or Zeze – which (who) is it? !!!

  • he wears it really well! i love it!

  • He looks incredible.


  • He is amazing! Love that outfit… I love that older generations make such an effort to be smart every day!

  • He is amazing! Love that outfit… I love that older generations make such an effort to be smart every day!

  • barbara


  • Rather British really–the conservative dressers can be the most eccentric at the same time. I adore his beard!

  • Anonymous

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