The Art of Simplicity:Dress to Suit Your Mood

Advanced Style is about personal style and expression. Oftentimes I feature people who wear bright colors and unexpected pairings of patterns. I have come to appreciate those who are daring, who get older and bolder, who take risks and live life to the fullest.
On the opposite side of the style spectrum are those who keep it simple and elegant. Their style shines, through their graceful and elegant approach to fashion and aging. The ladies above look chic, comfortable and confident. The Advanced Stylistas have taught me that you can dress to suit your mood, some days simple, others more eccentric, as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable!
  • Anonymous

    what lovely subjects!!!!

  • The woman in the second picture looks flawless. I would've loved to see her whole outfit!

  • that is so true, well said.
    these women are the epitome of class and style.
    1st pic- she is radiant in yellow and camel.
    2nd pic- super chic coat, i love it. she looks elegant and confident, with an edginess and agelessness.
    3rd pic- this lady looks like an ethereal soul, an angel even; it's the hair and taupe against a warm, creamy skin tone. divine.

  • Anna

    I am a fan of all black. It's simple and elegant at the same time. I know Debra says to overlook the black, white, and denim when looking for clothes, but I am always drawn to black. There is no other color that makes me feel the way I do when I wear black. I think the grayish colors look wonderful on Debra, but I am all about wearing black and using various accessories.
    The other photos are lovely as well!

  • OH Ari You did it again!!…what a soooothing, lovely POST.
    I love it!

  • While I'm filled with joy and inspiration–and love for those beautiful women–when I read your posts about Debra, Tziporah, Ilona and others, the lady shown in the middle photo today reflects the way I dress. It's wonderful to see this kind of post, too. All three of these ladies are beautiful and their simplicity of style also reflects great care. Ari, thank you for appreciating that, and thank you for bringing us ALL points on the spectrum. Every man and woman featured here is radiant.

  • Stunning women in stunning outfits. I'm a big fan of the camel coat, too. <3

  • I LOVE her long, gray hair!

  • Old women with still class and elegance. Such beauty still instilled in them.

  • Fantastic blog here–all great photos of wonderfully dressed and groomed women–yes, style transcends age.

  • I love the third lady's hair – I hope my hair will look something like that when I grow old!

  • You show through photos just how beauty has no age limit.

  • I arrived at this blog by choice but on this page by chance. What a surprise to see that the first lovely lady is my Aunt and she looks as beautiful as ever.