Embrace Your Age

I’m 92 Years Old !
I’m 80 Years Old !
I’m 98 Years Old!
I’m 82 Years Old!
I’m 80 Years Old!I’m 77 Years Old!
I got a phone call the other day that made me feel really good about what I am doing. My friend Lynn Dell called to tell me that lately she has been proudly telling everyone her age. At 77 Lynn is hardworking,full of life and absolutely gorgeous. She never felt the need to tell anyone how old she was, but she explained to me that having her picture taken for Advanced Style has made her proud to proclaim her age aloud. She loves the positive reaction and how her outlook on life affects others. Check out the other amazing ladies above who proudly told me their age. Lynn Dell also has a new page on Advanced Style which can be found on the sidebar.

If you are proud of your age send me a photo(jpegs only) along with your age to Advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com for our I’m Proud To Be___ Years Old page.

  • timeless

  • awesome pictures! its good to see that even with age you still have style!

  • Fabulous ladies!!!! I wish these ladies could come down to FL and show the golden gals here that just even at "a certain age" you can still be glamourous! Matter of fact, I wish they would teach the young girls a thing or two.

  • I am amazed and impressed – there is so much beauty of the heart on their faces and it makes me feel happy to know that age doesn´t matters if the spirit is alive.
    Thank you.


  • they all are so classy … I love the first lady's glasses 🙂

  • Cheri Shone

    Thank you for introducing all these glamorous inspirational women into my life. I regularly log on to the blog and it always gives me a lift. I am introducing as many women as I can to this life affirming extravagance of wonderful women.

  • When I get old, I want to be like they.

  • The wonderful people you find are just an inspiration for us older people. Your blog has made me much more daring even tho I live in Winnipeg; truly not the style capital of Canada, we have bitter cold, high winds and almost nowhere that you feel comfortable being "dressed up"! But I have some magnificent thrift store finds & my daughter is picking up Icon mules on e-bay for me..lovely child!

  • Hey cool blog! Old is better!
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

    Bye LB

  • Wowww… they look so stylish and selfassured!

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog and hate to commplain, but you seem to be using the same photos and characters over and over. I know there has to be more fabulous older folks about!

  • Anonymous

    most of these women are older than me. i am considered old as well. a senior. the photos are great. i keep the same style i wore all my life but the dresses are longer. these women are fabulous, & it does help me from my fear of dressing "too young". this is a good reference. i would like to see someone wearing jeans. after all nan kempner did. in her 70s! also women on budgets, how do you dress well & not spend much, still look chic. always a challenge.

  • Found you via NY Times article today ..

  • Great pictures of very stylish old women. I love it when someone isn't shy about mentioning there ago. They say there age in the positive and not in the negative. I wish fashion wasn't so much focused on the youth but on the older generation that we respect. I always love it when I find mature beauty on the streets


  • They all look terrific!

  • How wonderful!!!. I wish I could be that stylish at that age, and above all proud of my years and happy with myself.

  • Wendy Trueman

    Your photos made me cry — with joy and rich memories of my mother, who was just as stylish well into her late 80s. I, proudly 62, fully intend to follow in her fashionable footsteps!

  • I have to agree with Lisequ. I want to be just as stylish as these women when I "grow up."

  • At 31, was I was 1/8th stylish and elegant as these fabulous ladies! 😉 Just reminds us that we still have a lot to learn! — Seeing these women in all their glory is so joyful. =c) Much love for sharing their pictures with us!

  • Fab, Fab, Fabulous! I'm a 50 year old grandmother with five beautiful grandchildren. Hopping over to say hello and to invite you to visit my blog and also enter my giveaway. Hugs! Katherine