Following in Mama’s Footsteps

This super fashionable lady was walking down 5Th Ave when I stopped her for a quick photo. I asked her about her style influences and she replied, ” I learned from my Mama.” Ladies often tell me that they have inherited their mothers’ good taste or desire to dress up. I know this is part of the reason I am interested in fashion and style. If you want to know a little more about what influences me to do Advanced style Check out this link from a recent profile in the New York Times!

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  • what an elegant lady! I love how she has her hair styled so soft and perfectly and all her leopard accents.
    I got my interest in fashion from my mamma too.
    melina bee

  • Thank you for this blog. These women are an inspiration. I am now alot less unhappy about a certain big birthday looming in a couple years. 🙂

  • Now I know why I have a hard time with fashion. Mom wouldn't have even understood the word. So I have to learn from you.

  • So classic! The color she coordinates and the leopard print is inspirational!

  • chicness!
    it's eye-catching the way she's mixed leopard print, a solid, and a tweed plaid. and i really like her hair, and her gorgeous legs.

  • lyrebirdgully

    Gosh, this woman leaves the rest of the fashion pack far behind. She looks so comfortable and at ease in her outfit with its warm, friendly accents – and I only hope my wrinkles and grey hair frame will one day frame my face as sweetly as hers do.

  • THAT is how you do animal print!

  • she looks stylish

  • Mim


  • Splendidly! A wonderful woman in a wonderful styling! I love your Picture and find your Blog majority-like! Greetings from Berlin S.

  • She is VERY stylish!

    I hope I look that good when I am her age!

  • She looks gorgeous. I like the combination of prints and textures, the animal print and tweed work well together.

  • Beautiful and stylish, love the print classy.