Gitte Lee in Vogue Italia

[Photos from Real Life Is Elsewhere]

This past summer I met the amazing Gitte Lee while shooting for Selfridges in London. She told me that she had some exciting things coming up, so I was thrilled to see her featured in this month’s Vogue Italia ,shot by Tim Walker. As the article reads, style is truly ageless! Its great to see more and more older models being featured in magazines and ad campaigns.

  • Nice to see a major fashion publication doing a feature on someone with her own personal style, not styled by the magazine, who also happens to not be some young ingenue!

  • Random Intent

    Yes, what Jennifer said! Phooey stylized young ingenues! Yay Women.

    The gold cuffs and furry mittens are out of this world! Sci fi armor of a most elegant kind….

  • WOW!!! This is insanely fabulous. True style is indeed ageless. I wish I had this kind of glamor now!!

  • wow, what beautiful pictures!

  • i love these photos. my god, walker is the best one ever.

  • This is an amazing spread. She looks wonderful, beautiful. Love it.

  • Sue

    A stunning feature! Thank you for sharing it.

  • She is stunning, and so much of it has to do with her poise and carriage. She just oozes style and elegance.

  • Motherkitty

    Gitte Lee is the epitome of grace, class, elegance, and style! What a stunning example she sets for the rest of us!

  • fabulous to the 10th degree! she's both chic and avant garde. i am very inspired, and hope to have a smidgen of her style when i get to be that age

  • Kudos to Italian Vogue for creating a truly interesting and inspiring fashion story (not-so-much seen in the United States) ever! Gitte is stunning and the photos are divine. Those mittens are to die for!

  • Ah I looove! Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  • What a beautiful woman. Very inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    I was passing time in a B&N store before a dinner engagement as ghouls and goblins mobbed the sidewalk outside the night before Halloween in Georgetown when I picked up Italian Vogue and saw THIS VISION… and I immediately recognized a spiritual kin.

    She also reminded me of a dear departed older friend who shot into my life years ago like a comet, looking Gitte-stunning in a flight jump suit she'd snapped up in an Army Navy store – though at our last meeting at a tea I threw for her she arrived, though frail from the cancer that was ravaging her body, triumphant in the willful courage of beauty, wearing a fuchsia colored turban from her days as a theater actress in the late 1940's.

    Turning to my husband with Italian Vogue I said, "That's what I'm going to look like when I'm her age, you'll see!" and promptly bought the magazine. Such an inspiration! This is why I love French and Italian Vogue. How long before American Vogue catches up?

    Later on at our hotel, I squinted at my i-phone on the bed and pecked away researching WHO was this woman. My search led to several pages; a translation of the Italian in Vogue, and your wonderful blog. I am now hooked.

    You have touched on something whose time has come, Ari. While our dinner date cynically remarked that this renaissance is because 'the baby boomers are getting old and cannot bear to be out of the center spotlight', it is still a good, though ironic thing.

    I'm sure many of your subjects are surprised when you target them with your camera and compassionately curious aesthetic, and now philosophical eye. It's just that society has finally caught up with them. They've been there all along, as well as the many whose lights burnt bright before them, and quietly burnt out as larger society focused solely and obsessively on youth.

    This creates a mad existential panic where there are few positive guideposts and inspirations, only the formless void. Now, with larger societies in the US and abroad aging, it is inescapable. You cannot invalidate aging any more as an existential drop into ugliness and worthlessness, where dreams, style, passions, and beauty are no more.

    The inspirations that I see in your blog, and that arrested my attention in Italian Vogue, are all about the power and beauty of adamantine individuality honed over time, to know yourself and express who you are with comfort, and without apology. They know life burns much too quickly to do otherwise. That is the key to these people's fabulousness, their courage, happiness – and their survival.

    Some commentors have dared to knock the fabulous Gitte for her trademark red lips, suggesting a softer pink. How nauseating. And I would say they are missing the point. Her choice of lip color is divine, and it is her. Pink would not make her look 'young', only washed out, and out of touch with her strong dramatic character, bowing to age.

    I salute her for her bravery in beauty and self expression, which suits her physically so well and clearly states her spirit. She is not a fading pink type – not with those cuffs and fur mittens, or any of the other clothes she wears. Christopher Lee is perfectly suited to her, and a very lucky consort indeed. She is so elegant, and her posture so tall and regal, that I was inspired to resume my yoga/pilates regime with an eye to the future. Gitte Lee shows that one can be a magnificent Crone one day, if one cares enough. She is still beautiful.

    Gitte is my new inspiration, just as the divine Mary Dowell struck like a divine Aquarian lightning bolt out of the blue when my life, though young, was at a nadir, a kind of living death, or death in life. I believe my electric encounter, and our resulting though sadly brief friendship helped to revivify me as it inspired me. Maybe one day I will inspire others.

    Carry on Ari. You're onto something very special. Ride that wave, and may it take you far.


  • Anonymous

    These women are beautiful on the outside and not all are beautiful on the inside. Wearing the dead skins of animals that could have lived as long as these women is not to be honored as beauty, but it is torture and a horror for innocent animals.
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  • Michelle Singleton

    Yes, she is a beautiful older woman who has better style than any young model known today. I do not know if the fur she wears is real….I really hope not. Although, she comes from old glamour Hollywood, and it was so normal and the thing to do back in the day. Maybe someone will enlighten her about the horrors that actually do go on into killing these animals. However, she is a beautiful soul with such class. I must mention that I love her husband/actor Christopher Lee. He is a wonderful actor & I always enjoy watching him play in his horror films from years ago. A matter of fact, I am now watching the movie "Horror Castle" (1963) with him in it….they just don't make movies like they use to. =)