Gitte Lee Models For Celine

Who better to capture the style and elegance of Celine than my gorgeous friend Gitte Lee. You may recognize her from some of my previous posts but it seems I’m not the only one who appreciates her beauty and vibrancy these days. She lends a sophistication and charm to anything she does. Bravo to to Celine for recognizing such a wonderful individual and for using an older woman in their campaign.

  • This is fantastic!

  • I am so glad your blog has got faster to access.nOW i CAN COMMENT.Before it took ages…

  • I love the new Celine campaign!

  • She is sensational! Thanks for the post, I'm definitely on the lookout for more pics of Gitte Lee!

  • gorgeous

  • Very lovely! And yes, I think it is great that they are using older women in their campaign, I think so many brands forget that their ads should be targeting a much wider audience of people, not just the young, the thin, and the tall.

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  • Anonymous

    Check out her hands. They say hands are the telltale sign of age. Not hers.

    Anyway another fab posting.

    Love the blog and your message.

    Vancouver, BC

  • Sooo happy to see a confident, stunning woman over 60 in an ad campaign. She is much more interesting to look at than the unformed teenage clothes hangers that populate most magazine ads.

  • Anonymous

    Years ago, I worked at a department store. An adult daughter was shopping with her older Mother. She commented that the manufacturers do not market styles that are familiar and comfortable to people like her Mom. "That's why our older people look sloppy. No one wants to sell to them." And I had to agree. Our department had nothing flattering and appropriate for Mom. I see that this is changing. Thanks for this blog and the beautiful photos.

  • Hello Ari, I just made a post about this fact…love your blog, and have you added in my link-list.