The OGs Fashion Advice

If you have ever seen the OGs website, you know that 93 year old Cuties Cooper gives advice about everything from relationships to fashion. I found this site a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see how The Coopers’ grandchildren have found a way to share the life,love, and adventures of their amazing grandparents. I asked Cutie and her granddaughter Kim if they would make a video that would share The OGs’ advice on fashion and style. Cutie believes in wearing timeless pieces that are simple, elegant, and can be worn throughout the years with updates. She also wants you to know that you’re never so old that it’s okay to be a frump!” Thank you to Cutie and Kim for this wonderful video.

  • Evalyn

    "you're never so old that it's okay to be a frump" – There was never better advice than this!

  • Excellent advice!

  • You know, maybe I should move. I live in youth obsessed California near the beach and the older folks are never fashionable like this. They tend for ratty t-shirts, baggy shorts, sweats – it's rare to see any of them taking pride in themselves.

    Though I have to admit, at 34, I am a frump, but I'm also fat and feel I don't deserve nice clothing because I have an ugly body.

  • JamiSings – The OGs are from Los Angeles