Bring Out The Animal Print

This gorgeous gal looks like she could have just stepped off of the set of an Old Hollywood movie She makes a glamorous statement with her coordinated animal print sunglasses and jacket.This great combination of patterns reminded me of another lady I met who wore two different animal print items. Both ladies look simply marvelous! What do you guys think of animal print, Old Hollywood or Over The Top?(By the way we love over the top here at Advanced Style so there is no wrong answer).

  • Sue

    Love it!! Both of the ladies look fantastic.

  • Animal print????Must think about it!!!!
    Un abrazo guapo.

  • Amy

    I love animal print on all ages! They look great.


  • What an amazing coat…how I wished that one was in my closet!! 🙂

  • One can never go wrong with animal print. I'm a sucker for anything leopard. Very chic and timeless!

  • Like anything else regarding style it depends on how it's done. In my opinion a touch of animal print (scarf or shoes) is fine but head-to-toe or even a large coat can be too much.

    P.S. I found your site through Manolo for the Big Girl and enjoy it very much!

  • therese

    love it – they both look fabulous!!

  • Anonymous

    The first one would be a bit much for me, but who cares, since her smile indicates she's happy with herself and what she's wearing? The second one looks great and I would wear it myself.

  • proof that animal print is timeless, chic and classy.

  • I must admit, I'm a fan of riots of beige so, despite my distaste for animal prints, I like this woman's understated class.

    Do you accept photos from your fans? Since I discovered this blog, I sometimes notice people I'd like to photograph and send to you. I live in a neighbourhood filled with older Italian ladies and gentlemen so you can imagine there are some lovely outfits out there every day.

  • Animal prints never completely go out of style. Both of these women wear them well!
    As much as I am trying not to buy any more animal prints this year, I notice I have accumulated quite a few over the years!

  • The blonde bangs on Beautiful Woman #2 reminded me of Joanne Woodward! Love your blog.

  • I'm so excited to find your blog. The women look fantastic.
    Thank you!

  • Gosh–animal print is not for me but I do love it on most others and these 2 look fantastic–but especially I love their boldness.