DJ Mamy Rock: Ruth Flowers Rocks The Carter Burden Center for the Aging’s 31st Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony

Tonight was one of the most special nights of my life. I got to sit and eat dinner with the amazing Ruth Flowers, also know as DJ Mamy Rock. Ruth, who DJs all over the world, packed the dance floor in celebration of The Carter Burden Center For the Aging’s 31st Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony. Young and old alike partied down to DJ Mamy Rock’s awesome tunes.
The Carter Burden Center for The Aging aims to change the face of aging and support programs that foster creativity and education for seniors.When I asked Ruth about her opinion on aging she responded,”It doesn’t matter two hoots what age you are, if you are young in your mind and your spirit“. She is a great example of someone who continues to be active as she gets older and a wonderful inspiration for us all. Check out DJ Mamy Rock and some of her fans in action below!

Some older fans dancing away to DJ Mamy Rock’s tunes.

  • She is amazing. I wish I had been there.
    You lucky you!!!!!

  • keep moving – that's the key! i've had several prolonged illnesses, but you can build yourself back up by moving and having fun and helping people out.

    those earring + headphones = perfect! steph

  • I really enjoy her energy and groovy style…i wish lot`s of good parties for her.I wish i coud be there.

  • I am so envious! I would love to see her DJ, and her philosophy about age is wonderful–it is about how old you are in your mind and spirit, and if you have your health, you can do anything (well, almost..)

  • sandy

    Life is fun when we get out of the way…seems like a blast.

  • How wonderful and inspiring she is!

  • Cat

    DJ Mamy Rock has a serious case of swag flu. love it.

  • b

    If I could only tell you how we love to dance. We rediscovered our lovely youth when we began dancing together again. In fact just last week we danced in celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary! You go DJ Mamy Rock!


  • She's wonderful, and YOU, Ari, are wonderful, for being interested in older people. Many thanks, as always, for bringing these inspiration folks to our attention.

  • Very inspirational!

  • I want her job!!! To be a DJ would be so much fun!! The party even looks fun! She wears so many rings and still works the board with ease…classy.

  • Very cool! But – you need to correct a typo in your headline – it's "Carter Burden"

  • This gal is fabulous! I wish I had her energy. I'd love to hang out with her. Fun! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nice party! Wish we all could be full of life and energy like you.


  • your blog makes me so happy! This is all so amazingly gorgeous! 🙂
    Zoey x 🙂