Eva Deutsch Costabel

Meeting artist Eva Deutsch Costabel was truly an amazing and inspiring experience. She has lived and worked in New York for 57 years, after surviving the Holocaust and fleeing for her life for several years. She arrived in New York in 1949 and worked under artist Franz Kline. During this time she created deeply personal abstract paintings informed by her emotional journey.
Eva told me, ” Living in New York you must be educated. I don’t have many prejudices, but Boring I can’t stand.” She considers herself a colorist choosing to eat and dress in the colors that fill her wonderful works of art. My short visit with her could not do her story justice. For more on Eva’s amazing journey check out her website and blog
  • This woman is FABULOUS!!!!

  • b

    She sounds like such a lovely and loving person…I bet she could tolerate just a little boring from those that admire her. Thank you for sharing this!



  • Ms. Costabel makes a very interesting point – it's quite possible to have a very flamboyant personal style while being, personality-wise, quite introverted.

    this contrast can create 'unmet expectations' out in public, where people expect a flamboyantly dressed person to 'perform'. so the introvert may dress down to be ignored, and consequently feel even more socially uncomfortable…

    style blogging has a really nice 'fit' for these creatures – you can indulge your flamboyant side without having to leave your hermit like lair. i've been surprised at the # of style blogger 'hermits'.

    heavens, this is getting longer than the clip! thank you so much, very thought provoking, steph

  • this is the best idea for a blog ever! what originality!! 🙂 also you got to meet oscar de la renta? wow!

  • I like your blog:) You had a great idea with this blog.

  • She should wear the coat! Looked at her blog…fabulous artwork! Bravo!

  • I love her!

  • Eva will be having a show at our gallery, Gallery 307, in January, 2011.

    Visit our website: http://burdencenter.org/gallery-307/ and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=40597&id=142275845791314&saved#!/pages/Gallery-307/142275845791314?v=wall
    pages for updates.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Susan and Al

    We know Eva personally and she is even more beautiful inside than the beauty we see outside. We pray God blesses her and all her present and future endeavors.

  • just so beautiful.

  • Barbara Rueda

    I have the honor to know Eva and call her my friend. She is an amazing, accomplished artist who shows dedication in all that she does and a has an energetic, passion for life. She is a great role model for all and defies any negative stereotypes related to aging. I have given her the title of "VINTAGE DIVA" which really is the essence of this wonderful woman.

  • Sasha

    Eva is truly a renaissance woman, unique and universal.
    Along with many others, I am so enriched by knowing her and having a chance to learn from her.