Fall Style Options

Every Fall my color palette becomes inspired by the changing of the leaves. The women above must be taking a cue from Mother Nature as well with their autumnal browns, reds, and oranges. Do you dress according to the seasons?

  • Anonymous

    These ladies are so much more fashionable than I am (being just under 50). Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • I always dress according to the season. It's good to see others doing the same.

  • Digging No. 2's classic style, but I love the flamboyancy of No. 3.

    That is one thing about style/age– the older you are, the more outrageous you can be with your style… For some reason, it comes across as thought out and refined opposed to faux pas.

  • I really love the lady in the yellow hat…Really great blog! xoxo

  • I love the woman's hair in the first photo!

  • They all look great, but especially love the big scarf and hat on the woman in the second photo, and the explosion of autumn gold in the third. I change my colour palette for the fall, even my hair went from blond and pink to golden brown and plum in honour of the season change

  • I create leather accessories…and have a lot of "avant garde" fashion leather belts done in these colors.
    One of the things I say about my leather flower belts….is that they are season-less! Flowers all year long!