Happy Thanksgiving From Advanced Style

This handsome gentleman was walking on the upper west side when I asked if I could take his picture. I am thankful for all of the people who stop to give me a moment of their time so that I can share their stories and wisdom here. Thanks for everyone who stops by and comments, I appreciate you all.

Ari Seth Cohen
  • Nice coat!

  • I wish we had Thanksgiving in Spain, not that we are sort of "fiestas", as you know; but it is good that once a year you take account, and are grateful.
    Un abrazo my friend.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone readint, too

  • A very happy and stylish Thanksgiving to you too!

  • You too!

  • I just find your blog accidentally . I love it and i believe from personal experience that the elderly people play an important role in our families …My grandfather i.e is a man who plays a so special role in my family, she has been a very talented person …One thing i will tell you . He is 83 now and keeps writting and writting and singing every second of the day ..He is a gentleman , a stylish gentleman ,kind , generous , lifelover .In his office has built behind his desk the prospect of parthenon …!What a deed …i learn from him all the time …and i just cannot stop admiring him …so keep up the good work ! The elderly are not disabled but enable to pass their wisdom…

  • A handsome man indeed. The coat is absolutely immaculate, and well he is too. The brown buttons are such a nice touch.

  • Ola

    great blog you have!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a handsome gentleman as well. Love your blog.

  • belated thanksgiving wishes!
    this man…his coat!! how very handsome.

  • I hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving!