Having Fun is The Key To Staying Young at Heart

My good friend Debra has taught me a lot of life lessons in the year that I have known her. One of the most important ones is to always have fun and enjoy what you are doing at the moment. I met another women in her 90s who explained to me that although her body had aged, she felt like a child inside. This doesn’t mean that she hadn’t matured, but that she still had a young spirit and longed to play and have fun .One of the keys to remaining youthful is remembering to have fun, and dressing up is a great way to express this kindred spirit.

Yesterday I met Debra’s good friends Mary Winder Baker and Susan Wick. In the 1970s, they worked together as a performance group focusing on women’s issues, fashion, health and nutrition, and ideas of aesthetics. Here are some photos I came across from a performance they did in Berkely in 1975. These women have stayed young at heart because they continue to have fun and explore their creative spirits.

  • yes! wholeheartedly. My great grandfather who was always known for his youthful spirit said that the day he stopped learning was the day he grew truly old. I think a curious, open and fun approach to life is the only way to get through it without becoming a sourpuss by the time you're 35. I love your blog b/c it shows that character creates beauty, the kind that comes from the heart.melina bee

  • Beautiful women celebrating long term friendships. I love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Debra at Berkeley in the 70s, wow…

  • Hi,

    I've just discovered you blog and it's great. congrats!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have become addicted to your blog –
    I'm Aussie – adore your city and the women who know about true style. It's knowing who you are and how you want the world to view you. It's fun and it comes from painting a new picture of yourself every day –
    that knowledge is available to anyone at any age and has nothing to do with fashion. Thanks Ari

  • Anonymous

    Another Aussie who loves you blog and your city. Your blog gives me hope in growing older.