“Images and Insights”

I met Irene on the bus the other day. She was seated wearing all purple and looking absolutely stunning. I could tell she saw me looking at her from the corner of my eye, so I got up to talk to her. I told her that I photograph stylish older men and women and asked if I could take her photo once we got to our stop. She said she was in a hurry , but that I could take a quick photo. We talked for a moment and I could tell that she had so much to say about life and style. I gave her my card and she emailed me with a link to her wonderful website “Images and Insights“, where she shares her photographs and inspiring words. Irene told me,”I Once I wrote a bio in 6 words:” My life threads weave wondrous tapestries.” Check out her beautiful site and share your own thoughts and inspiration on The Advanced Style Forum.
  • Anonymous

    link to her site does not work!

  • ari

    Im sorry about this just fixed it! http://imagesandinsights.com/index.html

  • What beautiful, subtle yet strong, colour work in purples and pinks. Her chain is fantastic too.

  • Fantasic jewelry, the purple really suits her, plus that hat is darling!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous outfit, colours and textures! Love the fantastic necklace and the brooch worn in an unusual place!

  • she's glamorous. love her hat with the bow and lipstick colour. very nice photos. 🙂

  • I´d like to thank you for your inspiring blog – by giving you the Cherry On Top Award. This is sent from Sweden – probably you won´t understand the motivation, a translation is “2069* I hope to be gorgeous in New York. Leaves are falling and me too for example in white Nike Air Force 1”

    What you have to do now for the Cherry on Top Award is (if you wish):

    1. Answer the question (special) “Which are 3 of my favorite models of all time and show a picture of each”
    2. Pick 5 blogs and give them this award
    3. Thank the person who gave me this award

    *I will be 99.. 2071 I am 101 (I got up after falling.. to be continued 🙂

  • Anonymous
  • I just discovered this wonderful blog – while watching TV in Paris (France24), of all places! I'm only visiting, but I realize that if I were to ever consider living here long term, I'd have to step up my style considerably. Thanks for photographing this very stylish women.

  • purple has never looked more beautiful. she glows in this color.

  • Anonymous

    This lovely lady inspired me to buy a pretty wool purple winter coat today! 😀

  • Irene is, indeed, beautiful, and her six word bio is glorious!