The Nature of Fashion

Maryann,Debra, Lina and I had a wonderful outing to the Museum of The City New York the other day. We went to check out out the “Notorious and Notable: 20Th Century Women of Style” exhibit and decided to go for a nice Autumn walk in Central Park afterwards. We are all inspired by the colors that we see everyday in nature and Debra and Maryann happened to be dressed perfectly coordinated with the fall foliage. I wanted to show how nature can inspire fashion in terms of color choices, texture, and patterns. I have the learned from the ladies above Lina in her 20s and the gals in their 60s, that the key to being stylish is having confidence, opening your eyes to the world around you, and never stop having fun. Is your style inspired by the world around you?Iris Apfel’s contribution “Notorious and Notable: 20Th Century Women of Style
  • I love the colors!!!
    Very cool pictures!!!!

    Elaine Valerie

  • Ady

    I am often inspired by the PEOPLE around me. How lucky are you to be around such inspiring women!

  • great post…absolutely love outfits

  • All three of these ladies look fantastic! More proof that style doesn't have an age. Keep up the great work!

  • Yes, my style is often inspired by colors I see in nature.

    I think when I am older i will wander around New York until I am discovered by you. How many years should I allow for this?

  • Cheri Shone

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you! These wonderful women are helping me connect to a part of myself that has been on hold while I have been busy with other things.

  • I think I just added Maryann to my list of favorites (of course Debra already being in that category). All three ladies look fantastic!

  • All three women look so chic, and I love the pink neck piece that Maryann is wearing. I think Terri (comment above) has a great idea–I'll join her in NY in a few years and hope that you'll take my photograph (is 50 old enough?), and that I can hang out with the most stylish "seniors" in the city.

  • stylish to the core, i must admit, very different and unique and at the same time very trendy and stylish, hats off

  • Anonymous

    Ziv 2011 Said
    …"that the key to being stylish is having confidence, opening your eyes to the world around you, and never stop having fun"…You just nailed it in the most pure way…very clever and inspiring…THANKS

  • havaB

    I don't know you ladies, but I feel that you are my freinds. I am in Paris but you are the real "style"!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this series! Three women with incredible, artful style. Just beautiful.

  • love the shot of her hand against the leaves, so lovely.

  • My leather accessory line is inspired by flowers. My logo is "season-less leather flowers"….I share this venue of inspiration from nature and the world around you.
    I think we don't "get it" as far as living in the moment until we ARE over 50……love this.

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