Oscar de la Renta

I had the chance to meet designer Oscar de la Renta at the Balenciaga preview yesterday. He is a true gentleman, and at 78 a wonderful example of advanced style.
  • Wow! Sharp dressed man!

  • Yay for you! Excellent photo.

  • Classic double breasted suit, yet so sleek and current. He is just divine.

  • Smashing!

  • A very elegant man.

  • He is handsome still. Great Shot. Xxxx

  • Just look at how beautifully the double-breasted suit jacket fits him, and how the silk pocket square has been folded! The epitome of elegance and stylish dressing for men

  • He looks lovely – naturally stylish.

  • So stylish! And a genius… *sigh* I wish I had one of his dresses, I would die a happy girl!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Oscar,

    You look Fabulous!!!!

  • Love the addition of the flower brooch!

  • It's always the accessories that make true STYLE….

  • Amen to that my friend!

    Lucky You !

    My Very Best,
    Elise x

  • I couldn´t put it better!!!

  • dapper!

  • nice pic! how was Balenciaga? BisousK