A Tail Inspired by Chanel

This woman was dressed up for Saturday Services in her black coat, plaid skirt and adorable pug pins. She told me that she had two pugs at home named Sammy and Boy Capel. Her daughter brought the dogs home and told her that they were named Rory and Sammy. She quickly interjected and announced that Rory would be renamed Boy Capel, after Coco Chanel’s lover who died in a car accident. She was in the middle of reading a Chanel biography, which inspired the naming of her adorable puppy and her classic fashion sense as well.
  • Love the doggy pin. She looks wonderful

  • She looks wonderful…I can see why you took her picture. Please stop back by my blog to see the re-design…I have had more time to work on it over this holiday! And thanks so much for the mention on your blog! I am so pleased to see a fellow blogger encouraging the "seasoned, fashionable group of ladies" which exist everywhere!

  • sweet!
    she is a classy lady, i can tell.

  • If only we could all grow old with such style, amazing. As well as the previous post on Nov 25th. A perfect match!
    snappy x

  • Just wanted to take a moment to stop in and say that you have totally inspired me to step it up in style. You've given me the confidence to do so. Seeing the wonderful photos of some of the incredible people that have found their own style has really been an inspiration to me. At 58 years young, I've been struggling lately with how I want to dress versus thinking of how I should be dressing for my age…and your site has showed me that it's okay to dress as I choose. Eva Deutsch is my hero.
    Thank you for your blog.

  • she is great

  • the pins have quite a story attached.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with maggie's garden's comment – these stylish ladies and gentlemen are an inspiration to those of us who have reached a mature age but do not want to present ourselves as old…

  • wow i just discovered your blog and completely fell in love with it, awesome concept!!! Amazing.

  • Love the pug pins!

  • This woman has written a pug in her outfit!)) I like it !

  • oh, so lovely!!! The pins are amazing!!!! That wonderful style!


  • She is really great. The dress which she had wore is simply fantastic.

  • hi, I'm french and I follow your blog by a while
    I love your work. These grannies are just fabulous and it's a shame not to pass more often in paris

    ( I hope my english is not too bad and you can understand me)

  • What a lovely lady! Her expression in the last photo os great.

    Trés Awesome