West Village Floral

This woman looked chic and artful walking through the west village this weekend. She would have been perfect for my “Nature of Fashion Post” with her beautiful floral sweater and golden scarf.
  • As a woman…you can never have enough flowers!
    I like her across-the-body-bag and comfy shoes, too!

  • Love her jacket, and the way the colours clash with the yellow scarf.
    Wonderful she looks.

  • the details on the jacket are very beautiful, I can only imagine that it's nicer to see in person. it reminds me of victorian illustrations and I can't help but think what a pretty tattoo the bouquets or ribbons would make.

  • Lovely. I want to be you when I grow up (which in reality isn't that long from now) 😉
    Elise x

  • That wonderful floral outfit is beautiful proof that most of "age" is in the mind. Good for her!

    – David

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  • Anonymous

    Beautifully put together – love how the colours stand out from the basic black;the neat little shoes.She has great ankles.

  • I loved!

  • that jacket is magnificent!

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    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  • This darling and always marvelously dressed woman was Merce Cunningham's accompanist at his studio at Westbeth, and is dearly loved by generations of Cunningham dancers and teachers, and by Merce himself.
    Here is an episode of Mondays with Merce starring her and her beautiful piano playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GssgCaShN5Q