90 Is The New 40

I know I shoot several people over and over, but I can’t get enough of Ilona Royce Smithkin. At 90 years old she is busier than ever, performing her “Eyelash Cabaret” act a few times a month and getting together with her network of amazing friends.The truth is I become friends with the people I photograph and we get to spend a lot of time together. Ilona and I talk a few times a week, we go over our current projects and she offers me great advice and onion soup.
Ilona is always up for participating in creative projects. I had to do a photo essay for my photography class, so I decided to do a day in the life of Ilona. She proves that age is just a state of mind and 90 really is the new 40! I hope you enjoy this small selection from my assignment.
  • Wonderful!

  • lovely:))

  • She is fabulous.

  • I have met so many gorgeous 90 year olds bubble]ing with life lately that I have to agree that 90is the new 40.

  • Wow I hope I'm like that even age of 60. She rocks. Tell her best wishes from Finland when you she her next time. What a amazing women:)

  • sandra

    Ilona makes my inner core sing…and if you haven't seen the short film about her, do yourself a favor. I loaned my film out and now I think it is in transit as a gift to someone. That's ok…spreading Ilona around the world is surely good karma.
    I just love her spirit.

  • I hope I'm 1/2 that stylish at 90..go Ilona!

  • I love her eyelashes and one fine day I will make a pair of my own.

  • Anonymous

    Wow is she in her house? She looks like she lives in a funky store!

  • Anonymous

    She's a babe!!

  • She's so sassy! Lovely photographs. I think you really captured her personality! I especially like the one of her on the phone.

  • I have become a huge fan of your photography and your love of beauty… Thank you for bringing attention to the true trendsetters 🙂

  • I absolutely love this, she is so full of life and beautiful, and it is great to see someone taking pictures of real people. Thank you for seeing beauty in people regardless of age, there need to be more photographers like you. You just made my day.

  • I love her style

  • Ilona is such a doll–so full of "Joie de Vive" and I love the colours she wears. I'd want to photograph her all the time too!

  • hear, hear…

  • I love Ilonna, she is my mentor, at a miserable 70 years ols I need a leader!!

  • Anonymous

    I just love this woman….she is so Out There.

  • may there be many more Ilonna's out there – she rocks!

  • I have read a few posts already from your amazing blog and I am starting to think it will be one of my favorite blogs!! adding it to my list right now and following!