Advanced Style Drawings

[Drawings by Ari Seth Cohen]

I started drawing “Fancy Ladies” when I was a little kid. I would make little books and tissue paper dolls full of these stylish gals for my mom and grandma. I recently started to draw again and it seems like  my style hasn’t changed much. I hope you enjoy my most recent sketches!

  • Oh Yes i enjoy !

    Je suis une française fidèle d'Advanced Style.
    J'espère figurer un jour dans la jolie collection des belles dames et beaux messieurs qui animent ce blog.
    Merci, merci, à vous et à eux,

    Marité de Vos K.

  • Yoou just made my day 😀
    Greetings from Finland and Happy Holidays!!

  • I want one, I want one!!!!!
    Un abrazo from the bottom of my heart.
    have a wonderful holliday!!!!

  • Great sketches. What absolute fun!

  • Bizarre, but cute. I remember making paper dolls and outfits for them, but I don't think they were quite as imaginative as your creations.

  • Katherine

    Any chance there'll be prints for sale in the near future? Some of these ladies want to hang out on my walls!

  • Ari,

    Completely Wonderful

    Elise x

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoy your drawings — I hope one of your designs is brought to life!

  • This is infinitely sweet. LOVE. I shot this pic the other day and thought of your blog

  • I love these! you need to have a show…

  • Valerie

    I LOVE these! I could easily see myself wearing several of these outfits if they were made. Creative, original, colorful, piquant, fun, interesting…

    Valerie, Idiosyncratic Fashionista

  • DO keep sketching!

  • Love your drawings, Ari. The hats are fabulous.

  • Jan

    These are FABULOUS! Please, please make them into cards and prints so we can purchase them! You might consider using Zazzle.

    Please and thank you and Happy Holidays!

  • Jan

    Please please make these into cards and prints so we can purchase them! They are delightful! You might consider using Zazzle.

    Please and thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    …..sweet….thanks for sharing……

  • Cyn

    You are a piece of Art yourself, Ari!
    Really…you should sell these on etsy!

  • i love your drawings! inspires me to get back at it.
    happy holidays!!

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful if fashion magazines used more illustrations as well as more diverse models? These are inspiring and fabulous fancy ladies. I love a large pair of sunglasses!

  • Lo

    I love this, absolutely fabulous. Merry Christmas, keep making these lovely illustrations please

  • b

    These are so wonderful. I was a teacher in my former life. It always made me sad that most of my students lost the ability to draw with wild abandon. Only a select few kept that ability and most are artists now. You are one of them. Congratulations!


  • Good for you; keep it up! I think they add a sparkle to your wonderful site.
    Jade of pretty-dirt.blogspot

  • Please please please put out prints and note cards of these. I would like a lifetime supply. LOVE.

  • Anonymous

    omg… you totally need to have a show at the moma… i am 40 and feel inspired by you and them… love these ladies. best thing i have seen in a decade. i want a sketch. i agree with allie. you are the tops.