Flea Market Finds

[Photo by MISTER MORT]
I grew up going to flea markets with my mom and grandmother. I have always appreciated the people who devote their lives to collecting and selling antiques and collectibles.Each stall is filled with magical relics and treasures which a seller uses to create a wondrous world of their own.
This weekend I went to my favorite flea market in New York. I bought an old rocking chair and a small sculpture of a woman’s lips, but I am really on the look out for awesome portraits of fancy ladies. Let me know if you see any!!! My buddy MISTER MORT also loves antique and flea markets. Photo hunting for stylish and eccentric bargain hunters is almost as fun as finding a perfect collectible. to take home. Mort took this great shot of a couple at a flea market in Sn Francisco. The colorful duo attend the market every other weekend looking for bargains. Check out MISTER MORT’s swell blog and some more photos of flea market fanatics from Mort and I below!

  • Love that orange coat and all the hats!! Such Fun!

  • Just want to say again how much I love and appreciate your blog. You always bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

  • what NY flea market is this? Great shots btw!

  • the orange coat!!!

  • Really digging No.3 and 5!

  • What a wonderful collage of interesting people! I love coming to your blog because I always get the sense that the senior set really isn't trying to impress anyone. They have liberated themselves from worrying about what others think. Just wonderful fun style! ~Serene

  • I adore them all, but last lady´s skirt is a dream come true, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (suspiro)

  • b

    I don't believe I have ever seen a more beautiful couple. I want to shop with them! Mister Mort has a very good eye…I did check his blog out so I know.

    Thank you again for a wonderful glimpse of Advanced Style!



  • hi! where is this flea market? i need to get furniture for my new apartment.

  • I absolutely love your blog. It's like a wonderful gift wrapped in ribbon and sprinkled with glitter. I add you to my blog's favorite places page.

  • I love browsing Flea Markets! Kol haKavode Ari! (Atta medaber Eevrit?)

    – David

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  • Anonymous


  • I've got a crochet skirt just like the lady in the last pic but mine is dusky pink. I bought mine from a car boot sale in London for £1.
    I'd love to go to the US if only to visit your awesome flea markets.
    As always all the peeps in your pics are truly inspirational, this IS what I'm going to be like in twenty years, YAY!

  • www,bbandb,wordpress,com

    A friend recommended your work…how inspiring it is for this 65 year old gay man to see you celebration of ageing…more power to you
    Ajarn Lloyd