Happy Holidays

 I am in the Caribbean with my family until New Year’s Day so I won’t be able to post as much as usual. I wanted to wish everyone a  Happy Holiday and tell you that I appreciate your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you everyday. I have met so many inspiring people and am overjoyed by the growing appreciation for Silver Style. I hope you get to spend some quality time with some of your older relatives and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Ari Seth Cohen

  • Enjoy !
    Love your blog. Can't wait to age LOL. xxx

  • Wishing you every Joy, Ari !

    May you enjoy immense success,and all that is Merry and Bright. Thank you for your wonderful writing and sharing your blog.


  • Enjoy your holliday. We have already started: the sun is shinning so we all went out for tapas ata luch time…Everybody is by the fire now relaxing before we go into our big night.
    Un abrazo from the heart.And may the new year you remove the WORD VERUFUCATION hehehe

  • Happy Holidays, Ari. It was a pleasure to meet you (and your mum!)in London this summer and I do hope we can catch up again soon.

    Best wishes,


  • Because of this blog I have changed my way of thinking about fashion, my looks, my weight, my age(65), and life in general. I have learned to enjoy each day more because of the wonderful seniors you feature. Thanks so much and happy holidays!

  • Happy holidays! Enjoy that clear Caribbean water- my playground and home for many years.
    Your blog is an absolute treasure.
    Peace and blessings!

  • Happy holidays to you, too, and thanks for being such an inspiration. I just read this depressing article about dressing one's age, which wast mostly about avoiding this and that, and sticking to camel coats. What a refreshing experience, then, to come back here and see all the cool ladies having the confidence not to listen to such crap.