Happy Holidays From Advanced Style

I have been playing with the design of Advanced Style for a few days and I hope it’s loading correctly for everyone.It has been pretty cold day in New York, so it’s nice to stay in the house and get some work done. Even on a freezing cold day the ladies of Advanced Style dressed up for a pre holiday lunch in SoHo.   Debra and Maryann had never met Ilona, so they were in for a real treat.  We all got along splendidly and they even braved the cold to let me snap a few shots of their stylish winter wear.

Maryann is wearing a Rodarte Jacket Leather leggings and a beautiful dress. She adds some sparkle to her outfit by adding two rhinestones to her hair, which match her gloves and amazing Miu Miu boot coverings. We are excited to check out the Rodarte sample sale tomorrow and hopefully Maryann will pick up some great bargains.

Ilona and I checked out the New Museum after bidding adieu to our other friends, a perfect end to a lovely day.

  • You are all very close to my heart, and I wish you a marvellous Holliday!!!

  • Crystals! Love all of these ladies!

  • Those incredible women make a such a stunningly stylish trio! Love MaryAnn's Rodarte wear, wish I could go to the sample sale. Debra–that sequined beret looks amazing on you.
    I hope you all have a safe and joy-filled holiday with good food, good friends and of course, always with creative and colourful style!

  • Happy Holidays to all of you!!!! You have brightened my life for many months now and I am grateful!

  • I have just stumbled on your fabulous blog. Can I say though I find the men outdo the women in style. They are not trying as hard and have a classic chic. Love the women and am finding their outfits very creative but dare I say a little 'eccentric'. Keep up the good work.

  • Illona with your beautiful colour combinations, you are a goddess! The black hat bronze scarf and blue gloves are wonderful on you. Ari is blessed to know you.