The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

I have been meaning to meet up with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas ,Jean and Valerie. for some time now, so I was especially excited to meet them for brunch on Sunday We got to talking about how fashion should be fun and how there should be more older models representing brands. The girls told me that sometimes they’ll go places and people will ask them if they are “Ari’s Girls”. I am delighted to be associated with such wonderful and creative people.

These two fantastic ladies met about three years ago as Valerie was trying to get Jean to attend a textile show she was curating. Valerie told me, “ I can talk to anyone who is wearing a hat, because we are on the same wavelength“.

  • Ari, how absolutely great what you are accomplishing!! These ladies are fabulous!!

    Joyeaux Noel!

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    Art by Karena

  • Anonymous

    Those clothes look better than anything you could spend a million bucks on!!!

  • O!They're gorgeous!!!

  • Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    they are amazing!
    i want!!!

  • Anonymous

    You two ladies are wonderful inspiration- thank you!!

  • These ladies are incredible. I love the Bakelite. Multiples are so cool. The high contrasts in the colors are way wonderful. What terrific role models for individual and creative dressing with style and class.

  • Wow,what a style these ladies have.Really good taste and lot`s of fun too!Happy to see them.

  • I love Jean's shoes, do you know where they are from?

  • Everything about these ladies is fabulous…they wear their joy beautifully and that is the most attractive style!!

  • "how their should be more older models representing brands." – should be, "how there should be more older models representing brands."

    Anyway, great pics.

  • ari

    Thanks Rita for always being on top of things!

  • Anonymous

    These ladies rock! Their blog does too!!!

  • These women are wonderful. Love the hats, love the style, love them Xxxx

  • fabulous!

  • It is wonderful to hear these ladies voices. Jean's clogs are ingenious as is Valerie's stress ball necklace. I recently tracked down a stress ball myself and plan to make a necklace like hers soon!

  • They look fantastic! I moved from Manhattan to Cape Cod 18 months ago and I MISS seeing people wearing fun clothes — here it's all L.L. Bean, and men actually wear khaki shorts ALL year long! Culture shock! I'll have to keep reading your blog, the Sunday Times photos just aren't enough.

  • it's joyous the way these ladies two incorporate color with their dramatic silhouettes (including their edgy haircuts). another fabulous post, ari! i love coming to visit your blog.

  • I love the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas and have followed their blog for some time. Great photos, videos, and outfits! And the hats are spectacular!

  • Fabulous! Great job, as always–

  • what an inspiration! this blog is wonderful

  • Anonymous

    I think this blog and these ladies need a channel on OWN.

    Did you know that OWN(Oprah's network) is looking for free you tube videos from around the world. Anyone can sign up and I'm hoping after the world sees these ladies and gents they will provide you with a show.

    Looking forward to seeing you on OWN.

  • Mim

    Super duper!

  • Ari, where DO you find these incredible people?? I love the style of these two women, but especially Jean, with her geometric hair cut and piles of bakelite on black. I could happily raid her closet.

  • Anonymous

    I am, and will remain, in awe. Thank you.

  • I am, and will forever remain, in awe.

  • love these women! am embracing my Cronedom at age 56…want to be just like them when I grow up…

    (and I love the Bakelite collection!)

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but whilst I would defend to the death the right of these ladies to dress as they wish, I find their look illconsidered and out of proportion. One gorgeous Bakelite ring would have been enough; multiples of gorgeous things does not make them more gorgeous and can actually be overbearing and detract from their beauty.

    My message would be never to underestimate the art of minimalist chic. Your fur clad lady of a few days ago obviously knows that your wonderful ladies from 15th December who are chic in the extreme. One of the wonderful things about growing older is acquiring the art of showing off your objets in isolation and realising that less really is more.

  • ari

    Thats why personal style is so fun, there is no right and wrong. It is about expression and having fun. I agree that simplicity and minimalism can look very chic, but sometimes its fun to play with proportions and do something different, especially in New York where it gets very cold and everyone seems to dress quite plain in the winter.

  • T.

    They look amazing!

  • Gorgeous ensembles both!

  • i have the same sun glasses !

  • That black, snake-shaped Bakelite bracelet is to die for! To die for!!

  • Bek

    I just discovered yr blog!Made me smile!So much more to yr blog than the younger more conforming with the fashion industry style blogs,which are so blah!I shall return!

  • these ladies are just fabulous!!! i wish i would find those clothes around me to wear them all the time!!!