The Old and The Beautiful

Vogue Turkey just featured Advanced Style in their December issue alongside one of my other favorite blogs Mis Papelicos. I get very excited when I see my photos in magazines that typically feature younger models. Older models are becoming more popular as people realize that beauty and style don’t disappear, but advance with age. Do you think its refreshing to see more seasoned models in ad campaigns and on the runway? Chime in on the Advanced Style Forum .

Nancy Ozelli

Gitte Lee

Carmen Dell’Orefice
Bridget Sojourner
Daphne SelfMimi Weddell
  • It was through your blog I was introduced to Mis Papelicos….cyber speaking of course. Never have I met a more charming, lovely, gracious and encouraging lady. Thank you so much for showing us beauty in these stunning women!

  • What can I say??? You are my HERO!!!

  • Congratulations! The people you feature are so fabulous, inventive, creative in ways that the kids these days can't even comprehend!

  • I think it's very refreshing to see these women on the runway and in editorials–

    It's nice because at their age, they have this confidence and unique style that can only come from years of development… it's a true style…

    And featuring these women shows that fashion isn't only for the "young and beautiful"– it's about personal expression and individuality.

    Thanks for this post, and thanks for this blog!

  • I love it,Ari…as always! Age is only reachable through the journey of time…therefore a treasure!
    Congrats on the T Vogue feature,,,but,I'd still like to see you host your own publication!

  • This photography is incredible and is such a celebration of life and the joy of life through the later years! I showed your work to my high school photojournalists to inspire them…several plan to study photography in college! They are beautiful!

  • Love seeing older women in ads–in addition to it being very inspiring for those of us who are heading into their silver-haired years, there are going to be a huge population of seniors who still have some money to spend, and want to see themselves reflected in the media. Mimi Weddell will always be more of a style icon for me than any 20-something.

  • Those are gorgeous pics. What an inspiration! Thank you for this blog.

  • i'm not an "advanced" age yet, but yes- this is very refreshing to see!
    congrats on the vogue feature!

  • i do love!

  • I am loving the use of older people in ad campaigns, the big fashion houses are doing this best

  • It's quality blogs like this and the amazing Sacramento that are making folks reexamine the elements of style.

  • Can't get enough of this inspiring blog. These ladies and gentlemen celebrate the human spirit and embody the essence of creativity, which transcends age and form. They have helped me to feel better about myself and to be freer in the way I dress (and think). Thank you so very much.