Senior Blogger Spotlight: Judith Boyd’s The Style Crone

Back in November I met the wonderful Judith Boyd of The Style Crone. Like many of the people I feature on Advanced Style, Judith believes that style can be healing and that dressing up can make people feel better and lift their spirit.Make sure you check out her wonderful blog where she  writes:
“Welcome to Style Crone, dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era.  Let’s take back the word crone, to its original meaning, signifying a woman of a “certain age’ who embodies all her life’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and love.”
  • Judith has amazing style and an enviable collection of hats!

  • Beautiful outifts and a lovely woman.

  • I think judith has a style all her own!

  • Anonymous

    All style, no crone!

  • Got to mix pink and green. Lovely!

  • What a wonderful and inspiring goddess.
    I shall have a really good look at her blog, and hope you had a good brake.
    HUn abrazo fuerte my dear friend.

  • Oh my goodness…she is fabulous! I love the hats with each look. I am going to check out her site right now!

  • She makes such great use of color.

  • Amazing style, and a beautiful face!

  • Hey Ari: These are wonderful pictures of a beautiful model in wonderful clothing (love the green outfit at the top). THanks! Bet you're glad you're missing the cold now in NY. Shabbat shalom.

    – David

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  • Anonymous

    I love her clothes but the juvenile knock-kneed pose, which is usually a characteristic of younger bloggers detracts from it in my opinion. It says, "I am childlike and vulnerable and not threatening. Love me." Most of your subjects have experience, personality, pzazz, confidence and chic, not childlike vulnerability. Judith should be influencing the youngsters, not the other way round.

  • Re: Passing judgment on the body language of another

    Judith has been supporting her husband Nelson as he deals with a rare form of cancer. Despite the painful treatments, hospitalizations and unknown outcomes, they have created StyleCrone together (Nelson takes those great photos). To quote from her blog; “As Nelson and I negotiate this difficult journey, I find a powerful form of art and expression in my daily conceptualizing and personal presentation of my own form of body art, which I hope to share by chronicling my ‘displays’ on this blog.”

    Judith Boyd is an outstanding role model of style, courage and class for women of all ages.
    Sophie Lumen

  • Anonymous

    She can dress that way cause she has the money too. Do you? You can say all you want about her being fabulous in how she dresses, but you can't look like that unless you are like her in the finance dept. too. It takes more than a "I like that, I'm going to dress that way too". It takes MONEY, MONEY, MONEY !!!

  • WoW! so great. .super amazing styles.=)

  • Fashion is not only for youngsters. Seniors also know how to dress well. Look at grandma, she looks so lovely wearing that dress.