Tips on How To Stay Warm and Stylish During Winter

Colorful Scarves and Bold Lipstick

A colorful scarf will brighten up a winter coat and add personality to any outfit. Bold Lipstick is also a great way to add color to your dark winter palette. This looks even better when coordinated with your accessories,like the ladies above have done.
Turn Your Scarf into an Elegant Head Wrap

You can stay warm by simply wrapping your scarf around your head in an artful manner. Your scarf can be turned into a elegant and playful headwrap or turban!
Sunglasses and Accessories

Sunglasses aren’t only for the summer months. Wear a unique pair of shades to block out the glare on a snowy day, and add some pizazz and glamour to a winter look. Instead of putting on a dark pair of gloves to match your winter coat, try something colorful. Bangles and Pins are also excellent ways to spruce up your winter wear.
If you are afraid of appearing to bulky in your winter coat, try something that belts at the waist. You might also want to try wearing thin layers of sweaters under a coat which may already have heavy shoulder pads and weight. This way you can monitor how much bulk you are adding, while staying warm and cozy.
Winter Coats Don’t Have to Be Boring

Who says that winter coats have to be dark, bulky and boring. Try a vintage coat with some personality to add charm to your cold weather clothing. The woman above wears legging and fun tennis shoes instead of bulky pants and boots. Make sure you wear warm socks and undergarments if you decide to go this route.
Go Classic

The other day Mary shared her tips on how to stylish and warm during the cold winter months.
One of the benefits of being older, is being able to choose from items that you have collected throughout the years. Put on that coat, scarf, or hat that you have had for years and not only will you remember the great times you have shared while wearing this treasured item, but you will be right in style. Style comes from within, so if you feel good, you will look good. If you are younger, you may have the benefit of borrowing one of your grandparents’ coats, if not stop by a local thrift store and pick the coat that speaks to you. Remember to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and stay warm in the upcoming weeks!

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful and inspiring post! I'm 29 and have recommended your blog to my mother, who in turn sent it to her friends. I love how your blog works as an inspiration to women of all ages. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey there Ari (handsome in and of yourself), you have a great eye and take great pictures. Scarves and bold lipstick – nice theme guy!

    – David

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  • It is sunshine and 71 in Texas…while that may sound good to some…I look at these pictues and long for a heavy coat, gloves, wool scarf and a hat. Cold weather has its own fun fashion that we so rarely experience! Great shots!

  • Great Post..winter is a time to have fun because we can layer NOW that we can't do in the heat fo teh summer. I usually wear 2 scarves that augment and enhance each other. Often 2 sets of glove- one pair fingerless so the other shows through. Often I wear a thin scarf under a hat so back of head and neck stay warm. The worst part is when you get on the bus or subway or indoors to shop you over heat too quickly. The only solution is to carry a large tote bag with you, unravel the layers and not loose them by placing them in your tote. Stay warm.

  • I love alive colours for winter… and your blog.

  • Anonymous

    I live in a warm climate – winter here usually means a lightweight sweater or jacket.Would love to be able to wear these fantastic coats but no chance, sigh!

  • Anonymous

    That first scarf with its great texture and colors is my favorite. Worn with great style.

  • Great post, Ari! I have collected many winter coats over the years because winter is too long to spend in only one coat, and vintage is definitely the way to go, for style and price. I knew Debra would have a bright, fun winter coat!

  • I love the picture of the lady in the cloche hat – I want to look like her when I grow up (I'm 43).

    Ari, thank you for commenting on my blog – I love yours! It's hugely inspirational. I'm a fan!

  • it is the most inspiring fashion post i have read during the last year!! i feel like real winter so i could wear a real warm coat too 🙂
    i wish you and all your readers Happy Holidays and send you kisses from the warm Tel Aviv.

  • Anonymous

    This are the hippest, coolest, elders I have ever seen.

  • What about focusing on colors of the apparels to wear for the winter? Saving all your bright colored apparel for the summer and bring out the soft hues like mauve and blue. The ideal colors would be black for the denims teamed with white woolens.