Welcome to Miami

The men in Miami aren’t afraid to wear color. This fellow was walking around talking on his cell phone when I asked if I could take his photo. He put his call aside for a moment to pose for a quick picture, shook my hand, and then went on his way.

  • Merry Christmas to the curiously mature men of Miami and the world over.. x

  • That gentleman looks so well-put-together! I'd bet he smells terrific too!

    Men (Ari excluded of course) could use some tips about dressing and using color (including pastels which look very nice on most men).

    ~ Susan

  • DEA

    HAhaha! If everybody oin Miami are lie he….l I wanna go there too. 😀

  • Hey Ari, I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays.

    Oh, to be in Miami where the elderly can wear colorful clothing and fit right in!

    L'heetra'ote chaver

    – David

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  • Real men wear pink. Miami is one of my favorite cities to holiday. Definitely full of color, where the old and the new mix perfectly well. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  • I LOVE MIAMI. So many stylish elders. My Grandmother Bertha used to live in North Miami Beach with all the other little old Jewish Ladies. I miss her and her amazing style.