Why “Old” Is Not a Bad Word

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day going to galleries with my lovely friend Mary. In the videos above she explains how to stay stylish and warm during the winter and why being called “old” is a compliment. She looks wonderful in her stylish dark coat, which she accessorizes with purple gloves and a vintage Iradj for Oscar de la Renta runway pin. How do you guys feel about being called “Old”, doesn’t it mean EXPERIENCED, WISE, ADVANCED, ENDURING, ESTABLISHED, and MATURE !

  • Absolutely!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • "I'm going to assume that, if you're a New Yorker, you have a black coat, or a brown coat, or something neutral like that…"

    You have a black coat IF YOU'RE A NEW YORKER? Mary, I truly love your contributions to this splendid blog, but please, I beg you and all stylish New Yorkers to stop perpetuating The Attitude, which is exclusionary and dismissive by its very statement (or perhaps that is the message you wish to communicate). People of inspiring style, grace, and beauty exist in all geographic and cultural regions of this country.

    And own black, brown, and neutral coats.

    I am sorry to post something negative on this blog that I love and respect, but my words are sincere, and I hope you will at least consider them.

    Thank you.

  • She is cute! I still cringe over the word old or when someone calls me honey like I am their grandmother. I prefer strong and seasoned!! But, I started blogging to encourage women to embrace where they are and wear and work it! You go Mary!

  • Mary is fabulous! I loved how she read about Jeanne Moreau regarding age. Also Mary accessorizing with some purple and green to her black coat, making it less "funerial"…LOL! Loved it!

    At 57 I don't think of myself as old [in that negative, dreaded sense] however of course I'm a realist and know I don't look like the hot babe I was in my 20s and 30s.

    Oddly though, I met with a new internist (a kidlet, just out of medical school) and he went on and on about how "you cannot be 57!!…..you're not that OLD!!!!". He thought I looked about 40 – big deal. The young doc wasn't just rude but he was condescending in thinking he's somehow flattering me.

    I know already that I look very nice for my age – I've taken consistently good care of my skin, know how to apply the right makeup, wear good clothes in colors that flatter me, know to wear the right jewelry to accessorize. And also, fragrances[used sparingly] are an important accessory. Also, I'm not underweight, which can age a woman's appearance once she's over 40.

    Oh and Happy Hannukah, Ari [I'm not sure why, but only until now, did I take a full look at your complete name! I had previously been under the impression you were Greek…ie. Aristotle. LOL – I'll concede my eyes are aging, and not in a good way! ;-)]

    ~ Susan

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    Love the video and I love Mary! So cute, so stylish, so fashion-wise! I'm 40 and learning how to dress better. Winter is very difficult for me: I feel the cold terribly and I miss the colours even more! Mary gave tips for both problems.Thank you so much.

  • What an incredible blog you have… Mary is so beautiful… those glasses and that broach… those shoes! Everything! I found your blog whilst researching older stylistas because here in Barcelona, the older women really outdress the youth! I needed proof of this elsewhere! Found it! Thank you!

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    I like Mary. She's just so cool and calm. Her sunglasses are fab and so is her hairstyle. An afternoon of galleries with Mary would be grand!

    Vancouver, BC

  • Mary is so lovely, and her take on the word "old" really is thought-provoking. That pin she has on her coat is stunning, and she has such elegant style. Ari, you are so lucky to be able to spend time with all these wonderful women!

  • Mary's comment on the idea of being old was very interesting. She has a lovely voice and is certainly well spoken – beautifully formed thoughts and sentences without one single "like".
    And she is pretty too! Lovely combination.