Advanced Style Video: Maryann

Advanced Style presents: Maryann Van Dongen from teenage peanut video productions on Vimeo.
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Here is the latest installment of Advanced Style Videos by the wonderful videographer Lina Plioplyte.
Over the past year Lina has been filming some of our favorite ladies for a documentary project on style and aging. She has learned a lot from these fantastic women. Hear her talk about her style progression below and for some more videos CLICK HERE. If you know any stylish older women living in New York email me at and  hope you enjoy the clips.

Lina with Mary
  • I can't believe no one's commented yet. May I be first? 🙂
    This lady just made my day. She's got it, completely: the style is nothing without the substance, the wisdom of choosing to wear *on* what we have *within*, what we truly ARE.

  • I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am going to have a second look for pleaser.

  • Eva

    Maryann always looks AMAZING,and I'd also like to know how she exercises her arms to get them to look like that!!!

  • Love the brief interview with Lina and look forward to seeing her documentary one day. The groundswell for it is building!

  • I absolutely love this post!!!

  • What fabulous videos! I just love MaryAnn, and would give anything to be able to play in her closet. I love the pieces she shows off in the video.
    Lina is adorable, and I can't wait to see the finished documentary.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE it! Such an inspiration!

  • Hooray! The videos of Maryann and Lina were most inspiring!

    I am coveting Maryann's closet – esp the slinky sequin skeleton shift. What a wonderful interview – she has such a fabulous style.

  • l

    Ari, thank you for featuring role models such as MaryAnn. It is inspiring to hear from those who have developed a style for themselves that is truly personal and unique, in a world where designer looks tend to be simply followed and adopted wholesale (such as we can see in many street fashion blogs).
    MaryAnn , thank you so much for sharing your style philosophy. I liked your caution about relying on one designer (no matter how loved!) as the default determinant of one’s style. I agree that it’s actually a good thing that most of us have a wardrobe that is an assortment of different design styles. When we put on our shoes and clothes each day, we are each one of us creating an outfit combination that is not repeated anywhere else on the planet (unless we own all the items – headwear , bag and footwear included – that a particular designer has put together for a runway look; which is very unlikely).. So when we put on an item in the style of our favourite designer, we automatically personalize it when we add to it items that are not in the lineage of that studio. In other words, we are manifesting our own inner stylist. So much more interesting and personal than being a walking advertisement for a brand!

  • Love u info here..

  • Maryann is my style icon; she has been since I first saw her here. Thank you, Ari, for featuring her–I would love to see her every day! 🙂 And thank you, Lina, for your film.

  • I love this! such a great inspiration. I totally like this post! thanks.

  • I'm in love with this woman's style! It's my favorite that I found in this blog thus far.

  • She has amazing style. Great post and pics.