Advanced Style Feature For Vogue Japan

The other day when posting about Jean, of the “Idiosyncratic Fashionionstas”, I mentioned a super cool secret project that I was working on. Vogue Japan  has invited me to do an Advanced Style jewelry series for them. My first slide show is up now on under jewelry or CLICK HERE for the direct link . Make sure you look through all six photos and enjoy some pictures from the shoot above. I will be doing two more jewelry series, so if you have any suggestions of who I can photograph feel free to send photos  to I’d love to hear from you either way. Remember we can continue or conversation on Twitter:!/AriSethCohen .

  • Great stuff. Thanks.

  • Great pics, great outfits and great jewelry. I'll hop on over there.

  • Such fabulous embellishments on all these ladies!

  • Great photos, #4 is my favorite.

  • Very nice indeed – I love your selection of well-dress and accessorised ladies – some of my favourites there. I have given up on blogging for the time being – lack of response from my 80+ followers got me disheartened along the way but I'm still following some of my faves including your own blog. Prosit

  • How fantastic are you????? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • glamorous ladies, and gorgeous accessories! congrats on the vogue feature!

  • Mazal Tov Ari. These are wonderful. At last Vogue are taking notice of you. Xxxx

  • fabulous! especially that first necklace~

  • Gerhard

    Great pics.
    I love especially # 5.
    The last lady seems to be to young for this kind of collection..;-)

    Keep on your good work

  • Wonderful jewels and accessories. I particularly love the 'posy' motif the second model wears at her throat.

  • So glad fashion doesn't die at 39 1/2!

  • barbara

    No favorite so far.
    Each of those Petis Fours are delicate.
    Congrats to you!

  • Anonymous

    Just want to give a general thank you for the blog. I am in my fifties now (it comes upon one very suddenly!) and have been feeling like I have disappeared from view. I realise that it is up to me to make a reappearance and not feel that I shouldn't draw attention to myself or make a spectacle of myself, in fact I should do the exact opposite. Your blog is very inspirational, thanks once more

  • Congratulations Ari + ladies on a wonderful feature and achievement! Beautiful photos, jewelry, styling and models. I can't choose a favorite!

  • b

    I don't know who Anonymous is but all I can say is good for her. A friend taught me that being beautiful has nothing to do with my age…I need to see myself as beautiful and then go out and do it. Good luck.

    Ari…what can we say. Congratulations!


  • Ari, you're my hero!

  • smokin' hot!

  • These necklaces are quite a statement! Currently in love with diamond riviera style necklaces which feature graduated diamonds with the largest being set in the middle of the neckline. These ladies are all so glamorous…