Advanced Style In Conversation

You might be wondering where all the new street style photos are, well they are buried in SNOW. In the mean time I met up with Debra Rapoport, Tziporah Salamon, and Ilona Smithkin to discuss some questions from readers on aging and style. We had a great time sharing with one another. I hope you enjoy bits of wisdom from these stylish ladies.

  • Ari, my dear, you totally rock! I am a hippy/logger chick from the left coast, and at 60, I dress like I want. I wonder if your elegant and refined ladies ever raise an eyebrow at others' attire. Is there a time and place for everything, or can I walk down Madison Avenue in my purple harem pants, mauve tank-top and rose paisly big shirt, with their approval? It's fun, comfortable, and makes me happy. Elegant and refined, it's not. Is this ok?

  • I really like those older folks you show us. They're really stylist.

  • Fantastic set of videos. Very inspirational. They are having FUN. and I ADORE ADORE ADORE Ilona!!!

  • I am so in love with these three women they bring joy to my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Great series…I'm so luvin this. I like the spirit of these women. They are "real people".

  • On my bucket list, wear a lampshade and make my own false eyelashes! Every video here brings me JOY.

  • Diane

    loved the video clips and yes, it makes me want to be more adventureous in my own dress too. In fact, I want to be like all three of you when I grow up!

  • What a wonderful idea! Love this, we can learn from them.

  • thank you, ari, for this series…so much life in these women, i just love it!

  • Anonymous

    I am absolutely hooked on this fabulous blog. What inspirational women! Thank you for all the videos and interviews.

  • Ari, you will have to continue this blog forever, because at this point, I don't know what I would do without its shot of pure joy injected into each day. The videos are a spectacular addition to this already perfect blog. Inspiring–profound, even–and just so much fun. Many, many thanks.

  • I think we can learn so much from these wonderful, interesting ladies.

  • thank you Ari!

  • Wonderful videos and the four of you continue to amaze! Love it!