Alice in Vintage

I met Alice while shopping with my mom at The End of History glass store in the West Village. Her  preference for vintage clothing made her the perfect subject to photograph, after shopping for Antique glass. Check out how she coordinates her gloves with her tights and shoes. We exchanged information and I can’t wait to hear more about Alice and photograph her again.

  • She looks amazing!

    What a great style!!!


  • what kind of camera do you use, ari?

  • great:))

    kiss dear

  • So cute…love her hair!!

  • Love her boots, and her daring self.

  • I love Alice's outfit! I'm so happy you made a great new friend—can't wait to see more clothing combos. Did she say if her pants were plus fours or true knickerbockers?

  • Your blog is such a lovely idea. Sort of The Sartorialist plus age. Great idea. Love your photos. Keep up the good work.

  • I'm visiting from A Yankee in Belgrade, and simply want to say thanks for your beautiful blog on "senior style". I'm 56 myself, and this is a grand idea for a blog!

  • Oooh! I love her pants! Please find out what they are for us. knickerbockers are fabulous – I would wear the heck out of those!

  • I love this ensemble, the red hair, mismatched fingerless gloves, and those red glasses peeking out of her pocket.

  • I admire the carefully matched/mismatched hand-warmers. Would have loved to see the glasses tucked into the coat pocket.

  • Brilliant, I can share you in my facebookpage now.

  • This blog (my newest discovery) is absolutely and undeniably perfect. I can not stress this enough.

    Women sixty and older never get enough recognition for their style. I'm going to be living in this blog's archives for the next few days.

  • barbara

    Very british, indeed.
    Unusual and impressing look.
    And bold.