I Am Here, I Am Alive,I Am Creative Strong and Wise!

I want to start today’s post by posing a  question: Should a picture of a stylish old lady or gentleman be an extraordinary thing? I love what I do, and I started Advanced Style to break down stereotypes about aging and the elder population, but shouldn’t the image of a strong,active,joyful elder person be the norm.?That is what I see in my world, but the truth it is not the norm.  Before I started the blog I looked up “old lady” in Google image search and most of what  I found were depressing and mocking portraits of older women. Go ahead and try and see what you find. From my experience, people become more confident,wise,and comfortable in their own skin as they age. This allows them to freely express themselves in terms of style and creativity resulting in “Advanced Style”.Maybe that’s why I shoot so many people in colorful clothes as if their bright outfits are signaling, I am here, I am alive, I am creative,strong and wise! 

Share your thoughts and help to spread the word about Advanced Style!

  • You are absolutely right and it's a sad thing that young equals happiness and beauty in our society. Keep doing what you do and hopefully more people will see what a beautiful thing ageing can be.

  • I am 65. I have let myself be defeated by those pictures of old women. I have gotten tired it that and with the help of this blog it WILL change.

  • seang

    This blog is inspiring! I'm 38 and I feel that I am at the very beginning of a massive creative journey. Old people rock harder!

  • you are totally right and as I told you before, I love what you're doing here. great photo, too!


  • Mim

    Mim for red!

    Fear of aging men and women, special fear of women. E.M. Forster wrote that the opposite of love is not hate but fear.

    I'm all for artifice, dressing up the aging body, but I also like Alice Neel's paintings of the naked aging body.

  • i have been following your blog for some time now and i love your depiction of age and beauty. growing old is often thought of as debilitating and depressing. the folks you feature are proof that with age can bring a seasoned, more advanced approach to living. fashion is just one facet of that approach. it is inspiring to see that we do not have to sacrifice our creativity as we grow older. NEVER STOP. PLEASE.

  • Honestly, elderly people are the best. If you can survive everything that life throws at you then throw on a neon fur and stomp out the door, you deserve the world's respect and admiration. Which is why I can't wait to be an old lady one day. Even though now I'm a 25 year old man.

  • Thank Good you are doing what you do!
    I think we can be more happy and more younger today than older people before us!
    I´m almost 55, grandmother for two , and life is better than ever.

    I hope I´ll see you sometimes with your camera if I visit in NY again 🙂
    Keep going!!

  • Your blog reminds me that growing old should be a joyous and beautiful thing. Your pictures inspire me. Thank you!

  • I am coming here every day and I am always in love with your posts. So many beautiful people with their heart on their face – I am getting a lot of inspiration here … keep writing this blog. I have put a link on my blog to yours a long time ago and I want a lot of people to come here and say: when I am growing old I want to be like ….. one of these wonderful ladies with their wonderful eyes and smiles.

    ♥ Manuela

  • I love what you're doing! I've shared your blog with my mom to show her that 'age appropriate' colors are a myth.

    You're inspiring the elderly to embrace where they're at, and the young to start strutting their stuff now! Keep up the good work!

  • I couldn´t have said it any better.
    hear, hear my dear friend.

  • I just discovered your blog yesterday and was overjoyed. 🙂 I linked to it to share with my facebook friends who also enjoy it. I just wanted to let you know that while young girls dreamt about their wedding day and what their gown would look like, I dreamt of my Golden Years style. Looking through these wonderful photos of these vibrant women just makes me so so happy. Thank you for your gifts. 🙂

  • In answer to your question..no. We need to see more old people in the media – and not just the airbrushed, Botoxed variety. Today's photos are gorgeous – I particularly like the close-up, exquisite bone structure. Absolutely beautiful.

  • I follow your blog from a long time because I love what you're doing, but this is the first day I comment.
    And I comment because I truly agree with you and I want to shout out my appreciation to you and all those ladies and gentlemen you took pictures of.

    Best wishes!!!

    (I have already made a post about your blog)

  • Beautiful!



  • Suella

    Your selection of people that you have photographed are the very stylish, and/or the very beautiful. Interesting cheekbones, or interesting garments. Sometimes both.

    Most inspirational.

    But it would be nice to see the more ordinary as well.

  • I too have been following along for sometime now because I find your images of fashionable, spirited Elders to be incredibly inspiring!! Seeing these Elders dressed colorfully or traditionally is a beautiful sight to see and it makes me realize that I can continue to wear unique clothing combination's (and colors!)well into my my future – I'm now 45 years of experience in Life and I have been looking forward to my future for the continued wealth of experience I expect to attain =-)

    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for the work you are doing here, Ari! Hopefully, many of your images will start to come up when one Googles "old lady" or "old man". The work you are doing is SO important to bust the myths of aging that are SO prevalent in our culture and society in the US.

    BTW: I absolutely ADORE your headline! May I quote YOU on the headline or was it coined by another? I collect quotes and this one is definitely a KEEPER to share with others and i want o be sure to attribute it correctly =-)!

  • R.

    Delurking to say that I love this blog, and that I read not because of the supposed novelty of it being about stylish OLD people, but because it's about stylish and inspiring PEOPLE. (Same reason I read Tavi Gevinson's blog – not because she's 14 years old but because her blog is marvellous.)

    And I adore the title of this post! I'm adopting it as my new mantra 🙂


  • ari

    It is my quote, thanks so much for appreciating it!

  • I absolutely LOVE this blog. The men and women featured here are nothing short of amazing. At 53, I don't have half the style these lovely people have. Thank you for creating a blog that is so incredibly inspiring!

  • There should be more positive images like yours in the public domain. Your images today are wonderful, strong and affirming and always. The title is a great mantra for any age. Xxxx

  • I love what you are doing with this blog! You have opened my eyes to the women around me in my own town who are over 55 and look fabulous! They are strong and they enjoy life. Google should not focus on the down and out, but the living!!

  • It's not just color, but sophisticated use of line in this pic. Now, I'm going to Google "old lady" myself.

  • sandy

    I love your blog and I think each person in their own right must express their beauty in a way which brings a smile to their soul.

    In all honesty, I think one must have courage, in this society, to be themselves. Where I reside many older people are "laughed at", ridiculed and disrespected. It is difficult in some ways to stand out of the crowd by showing your true expression for fear of becoming a target.

    I've found that NY is more forgiving in this respect. I wonder if any have comments on expressing their unique styles, such as these people have done while working in the workplace. Most of the people highlighted here seem to be doing things away from the "mainstream" type of employment.

    Any thoughts about what is called "classic" dress for seniors when they are involved in traditional enviornments. Please Ari, or others, I would like to hear your view and feelings on this.

    Also, could you put up blog links on your sidebar to the blogs of some of your readers as you had promised in another post.

    Thanks so much.

  • Your blog rocks, and I have been recommending it widely. Other cultures appreciate the kind of beauty and style that only come from a long life well lived. You are doing us benighted Americans a huge service!

  • b




  • barbara

    What fresh horror is this, the aging Dorothy Parker once said.
    Not my opinion.
    Now at the age of 61 I feel great,
    especially since I let grow out this awful darkbrown dye.Now I can rock the silver.
    You opened my eyes for stylish elderly people.
    And I see more and more great examples by strolling through Munich's street.
    So, next time you visit Europe, come along.

  • I love your blog!! I'm 56 years old, and your beautiful, fantastic photographs are such an inspiration to me! We need more people like you who see the beauty of our seniors! You rock!

  • I see your blog as a lesson in style for the middle-aged and beyond. I get some great ideas from these trendy senior ladies, and am always anxious to see more.

  • I had to come back and take another look at this post. I absolutely LOVE what this woman is wearing. The red coat/cape/wrap whatever it is, is stunning! I also love the scarf. I can so see myself wearing something like this now as I have quite a collection of capes and wraps, and love this type of thing.

  • this woman is stunning!

  • Kate

    I am 69 and have always loved fashion. I still choose clothes that I love and not just 'age related' fashion. Style is innate at any age but not many people have it. Clothes are creative and growing older and fashionable is pleasurable and challenges stereotypes of ageing. Every age is a wonderful challenge in looking beautiful. Keep taking your photos of older women. How about doing so in the UK and not just USA..

  • Bravo, Ari!