I wanna be like Jean and Valerie

Here I am with Jean and Valerie, the “Idiosyncratic Fashionistas“, at BBar and Grill for brunch. I shot them for a top secret,super cool project coming out this month! If you haven’t already, check out some video of these amazing gals below!
  • Hi, i'm brazilian and i'm here because i love your posts. The pictures are fantastics and sweets.
    =] bye bye

  • I've watched all of these…now the suspense for round 2 is killing me.

  • I want to be like Jean also!! And I must have a STRESS BALL NECKLACE! I think it is a necessity for every working woman! I look forward to hearing the answer to how your age affects your fashion…..

  • I love them both.

  • These videos, and the women in them, are quite something!


  • she is so creative!
    love this woman!

  • Hey Ari, Can't wait to see the "top secret, cool" project. When is the great unveiling?

    – David

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  • A-mazing blog.. really inspiring..X

  • I love it when you include videos. These women are so inspiring, I love them both.

  • Her bakelite collection is covetable! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

  • These ladies are fun and inspiring. I even e-mailed them through their blog and I received a great inspiring response back. Love it!

  • just discovered you!!! so very happy…I love fashion.it is part of my life and when i look good i feel good…hand in hand…dirty sweats, depresssed life.