The Last Photo

I have lived in New York about two and half years now and I often run into people that I  have previously Photographed. I have seen and photographed this dapper gentleman a few times before, and each time I am inspired by  his amazing style. Every time, he is  impeccably dressed in his signature style  of  perfectly worn jeans, a lovely hat, a tie with big knot, and cow boy boots. He looks a little different each time, changing his beloved accessories around to form new elegant combinations. He always seems to be in a hurry and hesitantly allows me to take his photo. I long to know his story what inspires his dress, where he has lived, what his career is, but with a nervous and unsteady hand I snap his photo and he walks away. 
This time he told me that it would be the last time I could photograph him. He is always kind, but doesn’t long for attention. He dresses for himself, it is what he knows.  I feel honored to have had  these three moments with him and I’m sure I’ll see him again. Maybe I can’ t take another photo of him, but his style and character will be forever in my mind.
  • Anonymous

    that is too bad. i would like to see more of him.

  • He is so cute and a "dapper" gentlemen comes to mind!

  • i'm with you–i'd love to know the story. great shots, by the way–you have the knack, for sure.

  • amazing hats.

  • Fabulous. Love him and his boots.

  • Fabulous, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no WORD VERIFICATION any more. We are free at last!!!!
    You are an angel

  • For some reason it makes me sad, but I can respect his reasons. He looks like the type of guy you WANT to hear his stories. He has an individual style with character: different hats, wearing cowboy boots with a shirt and tie, and those amazing eyes…
    This is what I love about older people, the way they dress themselves, esp. the accessories, reveal some part of their story.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please when you see him again show him this blog and all the comments I'm sure it will inspire. We would love to see more of this fabulous, stylish and intriguing gentleman.

  • He's great.

  • I love the lastest photo in the post. He's so classy.

  • He is fabulous (your whole site is fabulous!) and I hope if you see him again, you can at least stop him to tell him he has a West coast fan.

    Keep up the awesome work! I've been passing your link to everyone I know for the last 6 months. Many, many appreciative thank yous!

  • b

    I had such a lovely experience yesterday when i photographed an older lady…I could sense that she would allow it a few times. Then we would be done.



  • I'll miss this lovely gentleman. His style was a bright spot in my day.

  • When you take street style photos like this, how do you approach it? Do you hand the subject a card? Is this man aware of the blog? I'm curious because I've snapped photos of strangers and wondered about the ethics…

  • So much soft spoken character and great way of dressing in this man. I guess we are all lucky he let you take the photos you did. I love his style, at once "casual: and detailed, proof you don't need to run around in sweats to be comfortable.

    Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll, by the way. I've been a big fan of Advanced Style for almost a year now, so I feel quite honored to be listed here. xo. -Bella Q

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  • Oh, please tell him how many fans he has on your blog! His combo of denim and cowboy boots with a more dapper, formal look on top is one of my faves. I wish my husband (who's only 38!) would incorporate his look at least a little dash of it!

  • sandra

    I think he's a sharp man. But in all honesty not everyone wants to share "where they live", "where they are from" and what type of work they do. Who knows, it maybe private for reasons we can't imagine.

    I agree with the others; I think people need to see the blog on an iphone or ipad and show them the type of positive comments received. This way you are more likely for them to participate.

    Many people have issues with giving up their identity and not knowing where these pictures and information are going.

    I think more people would participate if they can put a link to your sidebar to their own blogs. This way they will tell all of their friends to watch for them on your website.

    This venture has to be win/win for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if you speak with him and tell him what you are doing. He is an inspiration!

  • I agree. Tell him what you're doing. Do you have an iPad or some way to show him? I'm sure he has a story. I'd love to see a video on him.

  • This way you are more likely for them to participate. Many people have issues with giving up their identity and not knowing where these pictures and information are going.

  • S

    I love it when men wear hats, and his vest, and his boots…everything is wonderful. To have a personal style signature like his is so charming. He has an air of mystery…